April 26, 2008

Nasty things and nice things

Yesterday I had an oral assessment at college (in Room 101 – eek!) which was pretty hideous (really not a good speaker especially when I’m being videoed and assessed!) but luckily over fairly quickly. As I was in Birmingham Stu had booked a table later that evening at San Carlo Italian Restaurant on Temple Street so I decided to go shopping until he arrived on the train, which gave me a couple of hours to wander about a bit.

Unlike the previous weekends attempts, I was in a much better frame of mind for shopping and so got myself some bargains before Dinner. I braved the horrors of Primark and managed to get myself some flip-flops, new ballet pumps, a polka dot skirt and some tights/pants/socks for a bargainous £22 quid and then I wandered towards the Bull Ring, where I went into Zavvi and took advantage of the 3 for £20 on DVD offer, got myself the BBC Pride and Prejudice version (which I have on video but a certain “wet shirt” scene has become rather worn out on the tape so I decided it needed to be replaced!) as well as Happy Feet (on Laura’s recommendation) and Shrek the Third (to complete my set). Cheesy, but bargainous all the same.

I then decided to be brave and go back into Selfridges (which had been wholly unsuccessful the previous weekend) to spend my birthday voucher from Lu given to me back in October! I wanted to get some D&G Light Blue to replace my now sadly empty bottle but when I went in before I couldn’t see it, there were lots of pushy sales people in there and I generally panicked and didn’t ask them if it was there. This time I calmly walked into the perfume section, had a look on all the shelves and soon spotted what I wanted. I decided to go for the 100ml bottle in the end as it was £45 and I had £20 off so got a lot of perfume for not a lot of money! Hurrah.

Then I met Stu at New Street and we went for a quick drink in Bacchus which I love as it’s underground and a real mismatch of styles but with really nice chairs and good wine! At 7pm we headed to the restaurant which is totally brilliant! I had an avocado and crab starter served in a scallop shell and then Lobster Thermador with sautéed spinach and garlicky potatoes which was divine! We finished off with coffee and limoncello (way too stuffed for pudding although they looked delicious). The wine was also gorgeous and the best part was that the bill was on Stu’s work! They told him he could treat us both to a nice meal as he had been working really hard for someone so as a belated birthday meal (seeing as I was revising on Thursday his actual birthday) we went there and it was FANTASTIC. Stu had the scallops and they were wonderfully tender and he’d had a italian sausage and polenta starter which also looked very tasty.

The rest of this weekend is completely free and so I’m looking forward to chilling out and sorting a few things out, doing some piano practice and going for a nice meal with Stu’s family at the Punchbowl in Lapworth. If it’s as good as the other two Lapworth pubs we’re in for a treat tomorrow.

So this weekend started off with a bit of a nightmare, but the rest of it has been lovely so far and I feel really happy!

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  1. Sue

    I’m glad you feel so happy but it’s good not to put too much store in material things. In our society there sometimes seems an excessive desire for material gain. We are encouraged to be good consumers and possess as many material goods as possible. There is nothing wrong with desire in itself, it’s the basis of our survival. The desire to live can be broken down into sub categories – the desire to eat, the desire to reproduce, the desire to find shelter etc. When these fundamental desires are taken care of society channels the power of our desires into a craving for material goods that are not really needed. Advertisers will make the use of anything from sex to children to sell us products that have nothing to do with sex or children.

    If you allow yoursef to be manipulated like a robot by the publicity machine and society in general the force of your desire will become more and more scattered. You’ll put too much energy into your work and worrying about your material standing and have too little energy left over to maintain a satisfying sex life. If you’re not careful your love life will deteriorate to the extent where it becomes non existent. Channeling the energy of your desire towards the things you really need is the best way to ensure that you have all the energy to make love properly. Think of energy as your health capital and yourself as its managing director. Its up to you to make the decisions on how that money is spent or invested. Also draw up a list of priorities from most important to least important, most urgent to least urgent. You can do this in a quadrant if it makes it easier to visualise.

    Try to resist those who are out to steal your energy for their own gains, this is an important step in learning how to take control of your own life. If you are prudent in the way you spend your energy you’ll always be sure to have enough left over to make your sex life a completely satisfying and regenerating experience.

    26 Apr 2008, 21:32

  2. Cartman

    How about you suck my balls?

    27 Apr 2008, 10:08

  3. (Congrats on the 500 mile post. Woot.)

    27 Apr 2008, 18:35

  4. Lucy Griffiths

    Did you take that directly from a horoscope? What the hell had my weekend in Birmingham have anything to do with my sex life? I was merely extolling the virtues of shopping and eating nice things. Manipulation indeed. Can’t I write about things that have made me happy without getting a psychoanalysistic report on my life that you know nothing about anyway. grr.

    21 May 2008, 14:08

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