June 02, 2008


Follow-up to Sour Cream Wars – Part 2 of the Kitchen Window Saga from Juicy's Blog

The above entry, among others, has chronicled my despair and hatred of living next door to really horrible chav neighbours. They have committed various anti-social and other crimes, the following being a small example:

  • Thrown various dairy-based products at our kitchen window
  • Climbed on our bay window in the middle of the night as an escape route from their upstairs bedroom window
  • broken the wing mirror off Stu's car
  • Egged Stu's car
  • Repeatedly held loud fights at 12-4am both at weekends and during the week
  • Raced their Chavmobiles up and down the street, normally early in the morning and making full use of the horn while simultaniously revving their puny little 1ltr engines nearly to the point of death (if only)
  • Pissed around in the street and been very close to hitting my car with a large sports bag (they got screamed at for that)
  • Nearly been caught with drugs by the police (well they would have been if the police had actually bothered to check their cars where we saw them run and hide them before they arrived)
  • Completely and utterly destroyed the interior of a formally nice victorian terraced house (went in there last night and couldn't actually beleive it's possible for a house to be in that kind of state)

But, (drum roll if you please) at 11.55pm on the 31st May we had our last ever sighting of them as they blasted their horns and sped off down the street with the final remains of their belongings - they have been evicted!! WOOO! Well, I say evicted, they had actually signed an agreement saying they would be out by that date to make things quicker. For once they actually did what they were told.

The mess they have left behind though is terrible. The landlord thinks it will cost anything between 7-10K to get it back to a rentable state that anyone would actually consider good enough to live in. Everything is filthy, many of the original features of the house have been destroyed and then the garden...well, that's pretty much as bad as you get.

It's taken nearly 3 years to get rid of them but they've finally gone. They had so many chances to change and they never did. You can't say that we didn't try but they repeatedly refused to behave themselves and so now they have a whole load of orders slapped on them and noone in their right mind would offer them a house again. I think it's been a sobering lesson for the letting agents and the landlord!

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  1. How come they got kicked out then?

    02 Jun 2008, 15:35

  2. Lucy Griffiths


    02 Jun 2008, 16:03

  3. Sue

    I grew up in the sort of area where people who destroyed things live, I have vivid memories of going into houses where people chopped wood on the kitchen surfaces so that they were worn right down to the cupboard underneath and I’ve seen holes knocked in walls to make a “hatchway” from the kitchen to the dining room (I mean knocked in with a mallet). My Mum could tell you a few stories that would shock you to the core, she often tells us and my husband always tells her that she should write a book, he loves hearing her stories, that’s one of the things I love about him, he absolutely adores my mother. She knows what it’s like to grow up in a family that don’t have much money as she comes from a family of ten but her parents worked hard to support them all her Dad worked long hours and grew all his own vegetables. Some people either don’t have such good role models or aren’t as enterprising and need a bit more help. Some of my friends lived in the officers quarters which were the other side of the tracks so I got the whole gamet of human existence. I wonder if you ever tried talking to these people, you could have tried befriending them and appealing to their better nature. Their problems haven’t ended because they’ve been moved on.

    03 Jun 2008, 07:33

  4. Lucy Griffiths

    “I wonder if you ever tried talking to these people, you could have tried befriending them and appealing to their better nature. Their problems haven’t ended because they’ve been moved on.”

    Believe me, I tried. We both tried. But there was no remorse for the things they did, they simply didn’t care what they destroyed or how their behaviour affected those around them. Of course their problems haven’t ended, and some other poor soul will have to deal with them now for which I am sorry, but it doesn’t stop me feeling extremely glad they have gone.

    05 Jun 2008, 11:43

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