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June 14, 2005

gossip and catching up

It feels like ages since I've blogged. I find myself missing it when I can't read blogs when I go home and have no internet. I had a nice weekend at home though – cleaned my car which is now very shiny – Stu and Dad helped me and are both legends! Also went shopping with mum and got a new dress (mmm, slinky) and a skirt (mmm, gypsy) and new shoes… NEW SHOES!!! yay!

Friday night was an excellent evening and despite it now being Tuesday I just have to blog about it. The Girlies came to mine and we had a few drinks, got ready and went on to Old Orleans. The food was yummy and we got lots of special attention because they had cocked up our booking…but we got balloons so it was all good! If you want to hear an interestingly high pitched version of the Chipmunk song you'll have to get hold of Lu as she recorded me after I'd consumed a fair quantity of helium (whoever put me in the balloon chair was a fool). I tried an interesting shooter called a firey mexican (or something like that) which included tequila, sambucca and tabasco. Awesome drink.
After Old Orleans we walked to Chav central and went to Lloyds bar for Bison vodka – the wonderous stuff we drank in Poland that was the inspiration for a very funny song (too rude to be put on here).
With a couple of exceptions, everyone came back here and the smelly boys were hogging the front room so we trooped upstairs to my room to sing along to Grease (and I really hope I woke my evil neighbour up because that would indeed be sweet sweet revenge for her doing it to me every morning, the noisy trollop!). getting 5 of us on my bed for a pile on was great fun!
The funniest part of the evening was definatly the pizza box moment. The boys had shut us in the kitchen because we were disturbing their film (so boring) and we couldn't get back in so we decided to go out the back and round to the front, only Teebs had weedkillered and none of us had shoes on so we didn't want to walk on them. We discovered several empty pizza boxes in the garage so put one on each foot and scuffled round the house until we could get back in again! I nearly died laughing!!

Needless to say it was an excellent night!
oooh, neighbour wench woman is yelling again. So noisy…

Then this monday was our last ever Top B! (not going next week, too much on) which was far better than last week (see my previous entry about TopB) I think due to the fact that I was drunk (or at least not sober) and that there was a huge music centre contingency out with us. It seems I missed the gossip bits though, lots of music centre coupling going on!!! You know who you are! Sad to have missed that but I have many good gossip sources so I know all!

Oh, and to set the record straight, I am NOT engaged to John Skinner…that was a scam by Lu and Matt S to get the Union DJ's to play Build me up Buttercup. I am very happily un-married to Stu. It was quite funny to hear it announced though!

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