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June 10, 2005

I'm a copycat too!

Writing about That list thing that everyone else is doing (unoriginal? Moi??) from The Blog of Lu

10 random things about me

1) My toes are incredibly strong and I can pick up lots of things with them (it saves bending down)
2) I've fallen off every single horse (with only one exception) I've ever ridden (that's a lot of tumbles)
3) I collect thimbles and have over 250 of them
4) I don't like standing on the cracks in the pavement (but not as bad as Jack Nicholson in 'As good as it gets' so don't worry too much)
5) I have an addiction to Bonjella and as such I have to be rationed when I get an ulcer or I'll eat the whole tube!
6) I used to be a BIG Boyzone fan and was in love with Stephen Gatley.

(this is really hard)

7) The reason I don't have a middle name was because my dad didn't want me to have to suffer with a name I hated, like he had to (his middle name is William which I think is a nice name and less odd than his actual name which is Clive)
8) I can do a really good impression of a guinea pig.
9) I can remember the words to every single song I've ever learnt, from as far back as infant school (I wish that knowledge extended to academic study as well)
10) I don't like beer.

9 ways to win my heart

1) Flirt with me
2) Buy me chocolate or flowers (I'm not really materialistic but I am female after all!)
3) make me smile and laugh
4) make me feel special
5) let me moan about myself but at the same time dismiss my complaints about the size of my arse with 'but you're lovely'
6) go for long walks with me in the summer and chat about random things while holding my hand
7) get on with my family and friends (or at least pretend to!)
8) be yourself and let me be myself
9) Don't make me feel stupid and unintelligent (I do that well enough on my own)

8 things I want to do before I die
1) live a fulfilled life
2) Tell everyone I know how much I love them all
3) Ride 'Wild west' style on the back of an appolusa.
4) Travel the world
5) See the Pyramids
6) have a huge wedding and look beautiful for a day
7) Do something worthwhile for someone, or for lots of people
8) meet any one of the following men… a) Viggo Mortensen b) Brad Pitt c) Pearce Brosnan d) Colin Firth e) Sean Connery f) Prince William

7 ways to annoy me

1) Wake me up when I'm really tired and don't actually have to wake up (take not you horrid cow living next door to me with your screaming and yelling at your kids every morning – I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE)
2) drive really close to my bumper – that really annoys me!
3) make me wait on the end of a call to a company that clearly doesn't really thing that 'your call is important to us' while subjecting me to a naff mobile phone- esq style version of Peer Gynt (Barclaycard this morning)
4) being in a chavmobile and egging me when all I'm trying to do is walk in a straight line home after a serious drinking session
5) not appreciating when I've done something for you that I didn't have to do but did anyway and went out of my way to do.
6) Judge me before you even know me
7) Being rude and inconsiderate.

6 things I believe in

1) God
2) Truth
3) everyone has the right to be treated equally
4) Good people can make the world a better place
5) My friends
6) My family

5 things I'm afraid of

1) Spiders
2) The monster under my bed (I always leap into my bed from a good distance away if I'm out of it and the light isn't on incase it grabs my ankles)
3) Horror movies
4) Ending up alone having lost my friends and those I care about
5) Being a failure

4 favourite items in my room

1) Cliff my sexy Bb Clarinet
2) My bottle of Strawberry Vodka
3) My nice big double bed and the lovely snug duvet
4) My Photo boards

3 things I do everyday

1) Talk to Stu
2) Clean my teeth
3) Put on Mascara

2 things I want to do right now

1) make a cup of tea
2) sing

1 person I wish I could see right now

1) Stu

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