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November 07, 2007

Thinking about the countdown…

OK I know it’s only early November but I’ve been thinking about Christmas, and not in the “ohmyGodit’sChristmasIneedtobuypresentswhatthehellamIgoingtogetARGHIcan’thandlethestress” sort of way, more in the “Ah, Christmas. Jolly good. That means I get 10 days of peace from work (bloody marvellous, I can’t wait to kiss this place goodbye for 10 days), I get to visit family, (hopefully) meet up with some old pals from home, drink copious amounts of mulled wine, sing carols and cheesy Christmas tunes until I go hoarse, plan gifts, write cards, decorate my office and my house, go to some lovely services, play the Christmas CD in my car that Lu has made for me (legend) and have various soirees involving sausage rolls, pass the parcel and quite possibly Kazoos.

I’ve bought a couple of presents already and have been thinking about other presents for people in some spare moments (not that I’ve had many of those recently) in the hope that I will be organised and not panicking in my 1 day off before Christmas when I might actually get to do some shopping…

I’m fully intending to do most of my shopping online, or quite possibly from Sainsbury’s. There’s a 95% chance this will be sufficient, which is just as well given that it’s rather too far to pop out to town in my lunchbreaks!

Christmas presents and all that stuff aside, reasons to look forward to the festive period include:
wearing scarves and gloves and large furry boots; getting really cold walking in the countryside and then coming home to a roaring fire and a cup of tea; fun nights in the pub; Christmas Lunch; Church; Random people dropping in for sloe gin; driving home with the Best Xmas Album EVER in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! Vol XVIII blasting out; Christmas eve (favourite night of the year) and copious amounts of classic Disney films. Ah, marvellous.

A totally random musing aside, I’ve discovered that my friend Tom looks an awful lot like Simon Amstell. What do you think?


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