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June 07, 2005

Life, Top Banana and Everything.

A strange title for a blog? No, I'm about to have a rant. First of all apologies for not blogging for a week, I've been at home dogsitting and working which meant I had no internet access, so have a lot of blog catching up to do! Quite a lot has happened since the drunken egging incident, lots of drinking, crying and very odd feelings about finishing exams and the big question "what now?" It hasn't all been doom and gloom though, for example, yesterday we went to Drayton Manor on our renegade trip (the MC one is the day after final fling and seeing how rough Matt looked after his heavy wine session last night, I think I made the right decision with regard to theme parks after lots of alcohol) IT'S BRILLIANT!! We had a great time and because it was off peak not only was it cheaper than Alton Towers, significantly closer and easier to get to, there were no queues for rides (except for the crappy haunted house thing, but to be honest, you shouldn't bother with that one). The best rides were, of course, the thrill rides. Apocalypse was possibly the scariest stomach turning experience of my life, where you vertically drop while standing up from a very tall tower! I also enjoyed the stand up rollercoaster (Shockwave) which we went on lots of times, Maelstrom (spinny rotating thing that feels like you're flying) and Pandemonium (the ride itself made me feel more than a little sick as it was the first thing I went on after lunch, but the value was in the comments from Lu (too rude to print) and Alicia "I want my mummy" while suspended upside down, and Racquel's refusal to open her eyes the whole way through)
I think the best ride for comedy value was definatly Stormforce 10. Matt got a little "moist" shall we say…and the second time round if you weren't wet from the first time, you definatly were by the end of round two! Macs are for wusses, but wusses stay dry and don't spend the rest of the day in soggy jeans…but we had fun!

So we had a really good day out and I was looking forward to Top B in the evening (here comes the rant) but to my disappointment, nay horror, I found that it was not Top B as I remembered it (OK, I haven't been in a while) but was some chavved up dance remix monstrosity with no cheese in sight! How am I supposed to make myself hoarse when there are no tunes anymore?? Where is ABBA, Queen, S-Club and Chesney?? NOOOOOO! It's not fair. I'm never going again, it was really rubbish and I'm afraid the whole DJ's doing loads of talking and competitions did nothing to enhance the evening. I wasn't drunk because I've never felt that I've had to be to enjoy Top B, but even if I had been hammered I still don't think I would have enjoyed it any better. I hope everyone else who was there had a good time, and that if it's just me getting old and no longer enjoying the music that was being played then feel free to ignore me, but I really feel that Top B used to be the one night of the week where you could just go to the union, dance away all night to songs you knew and loved from past and present pop, and come out minging of sweat and spilt pints of purple with ears ringing and go home thoughrally happy with the evening. All I did was excuse myself from the group and go out grumbling.

OK rant over.

Today is spring cleaning day. Looking at the state of my bedroom that will not be a joyous task.

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