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June 01, 2005

The post–celebration hangover blog entry

Today I have quite possibly the WORST hangover I've had in a long time. It's nearly neighbours-o'clock and I'm only just becoming sober enough to write without going cross-eyed! Last night was amazing- thank you so much to everyone who came and helped me celebrate the end of exams (weird to think I've not got to go to the library for 11hours a day anymore) but for all of you who are curious as to whether I managed to get home OK and what the rest of the evening was like here you go…

Piazza: Drank yummy champagne and lots of cider, then moved onto smirnoff Ice and was persuaded by Lu to buy a bottle of Bacardi and some pepsi. Also drank a white Russian. mmmm.
Error number 1: Didn't have my pitta bread.

Heronbank: Went back to Mr Lay's and continued to drink Bacardi. Error number 2: Pizza was cooked but I only got one slice, most of which I fed to Lu who was sat on my lap at the time.
I very much enjoyed the girly conversation with Caroline and Lu. You both rock!

Eventually left Heronbank and headed towards Varsity with the firm intention of walking home. Apparently that was MY intention, but Stu was less sure it was such a good idea, presumably because he would probably have had to carry me…that was error number 3: walking along the road past University house. We were happily staggering along when all of a sudden a Chav-mobile came haring towards us and bombed us with eggs! Stu got it the worst and his trousers are very yukky, and my coat and skirt got the rebound. W**Kers!!!! In outrage I lost my balance and tripped over the little barrier surrounding the grass outside Uni house and went arse over tit onto the grass! It was actually quite funny (well, you don't feel anything when you're sozzled) but we decided then that we would hail a taxi. The rest of the evening was fairly uneventful…we got home OK and I don't really remember getting ready for bed but I woke up this morning in PJs so presumably I must have done that right! Stu made me a bacon bap this morning which was lush and then I went back to sleep. Clarinet choir could be interesting, I'm not sure how my hand-eye coordination is going to be!

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