January 03, 2012

Reflection on PP2

During my PP2 I was placed in a year 5 classroom with a teacher who happened to be the school's literacy co-ordinator. Whilst she made no definite comments which would cause me to make the assumption that she is/was an avid reader, the classroom was very much full of displays and items to promote reading for both academic and pleasure purposes.

The school was a "themed" school, choosing particular themes for particular half terms or terms and aiming to consider all aspects of the national curriculum within this scheme. Literacy and reading seemed to be a big part of these themes, with most of the classroom displays dedicated to the different books which had been associated with different themes in the past. For example, learning about the theme "The Victorians" gave rise to reading books such as A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist.

I was sadly not introduced to any particular books or texts, but did find myself reading my copy of A Christmas Carol again in order to fit into the teaching required of me.

Perhaps the most enthusiasm I saw in terms of reading was during the start of the day and just after lunch, when children were given a chance to catch up on work or independent study. I was suprised at the amount of children who were reading their guided reading books for pleasure and found it fascinating that they wanted to discuss the stories with eachother.

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