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January 28, 2010

Two days ago it rained

I wrote this poem as a performance piece for One World Week, so it's related to World issues. I decided to write a poem against weapons of mass destruction, and linked it to nature to try and create the paradox between humans fighting against nature, and then fighting against human nature. I hope it worked alright, so let me know what you think.

Two days ago it rained like the skies were shattering

It rained, in beacons of trust like blood pouring from an open wound

It rained, and stained the ground

Like dominoes it barely made a sound.

Two days ago it rained, and we put up

Our umbrellas and moved in colourful rounds

Through the crowds.

Two days ago it rained, and we slept

Soundless as children in our beds

Two days ago it rained

And we brushed the water from our heads.

Three weeks ago it snowed, like crystallised diamonds

But soft, and feathery and icy and cold.

Three weeks ago we pulled out old cotton jumpers

And stepped like glass, fragile on the frozen grass.

Three weeks ago it snowed, and we

Caught the flakes upon our tongue

Complained of traffic and moved on.

Four months ago the skies were clear

The air was smooth, our eyes they peered

Into the light. The sun beat bright upon our skin

Upon the freckles on our chin

The days were warm, the nights were still,

And we were invincible.

And in three centuries, or three hours

The rain will go away

But rather than come back another day it will fall

On barren earth, if it dares

To drop at all, and rather than wipe it from our cheeks

It will streak upon our graves

And the sun will blind the hardened trees

The leaves will fall in empty eaves

And the snow will bury what we have done

We can look back all we want and think

God, what a cruel world they lived in

But now we’re on the brink of something

So hard to link to human minds it won’t sink in

We have wars that we don’t understand and

From human hands we have built

Weapons that can kill the world

And what do you want to massively destroy?

We are a game for the big boys to

Toy with until they deploy the final

Stage, the bloody page

We don’t live in an age of war but an age of


We’re all waiting for the final score

Waiting for the last eclipse

We have no idea what’s in store

Two weeks ago the Earth shook like a

Titan it took solid concrete from

Beneath human feet, the streets

Creaked and teetered on the edge as

Mothers clasped babies to their chests.

But at the end we did not fall

The human race stood tall

We would not crawl to

Nature’s call or stall the

Anguish of us all. The earth

Can shake and shake again

But in two weeks time there may be no

Mothers to grasp children near, no

Dear sweet parents to wash away the

Tears there may be no humans left

To walk in fear there may be no

Humans left to persevere

To steer us down the last frontier

There may be

No humans left to hear the Earth

Fall from the sky

As we all die

There may be

No humans left for humankind

For we shall leave no souls behind.

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