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October 10, 2004

The Monkey Ball Saga

This is a cry for help, reaching all you students who I'm sure are in desperate need of a little alleviance from the monkey ball saga.

My boyfriend lives hundreds of miles away from me and a couple of weekends ago, instead of going out or watching telly (couple stuff) we spent the whole weekend playing the highly addictive MONKEY BALL. Now, we've been together for 2 years, so please, no comments as to the dryness of such a relationship because we do usually have a few more shreds of life floating about, but the game is just too addictive. I'm thinking the faze is over but I find it kinda timeless to be honest.
So here's the debate…which is the better of the three:monkey target, monkey fight or monkey race (grand prix style). In my opinion, the race beats the rest hands down…there's no other buzz quite like trapping a defenceless monkey in a cube…but my boyfriends more in favour of monkey target. Personally,I keep drowning my monkey on that one, so I can't take the heartache of even trying anymore; it's all at the cost of poor old Meemee.
Let us know guys, I want some good old solid views on such a significant matter in today's society!!

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