January 19, 2005

Oh the joy of returning…

Just had a thought…I haven't put anything in my blog 4 aaaaaaaaaaaaaages… and I'm not stupid, I understand entries like this get no replies whatsoever, it's just the fact of the matter that I've created this thing and abandoned it that is convincing me to write this utter load of rubbish…did that make sense? Didn't think so.
Maybe I should be doing laundry, maybe work, maybe going to tescos (because I think I'm on the verge of starvation, despite the fact I live 2 secs away from costcutters)...but instead I'm writing a message that positively no-one is going to read Ooooh! Bye bye bye by n-sync just came on my random music player…must dash, got sum booty shakin 2 do in time with good ol jt.
Bye bye bye! (He he…simple things, simple minds)

November 24, 2004

Another caterpillar – damn Costcutters!

Yes…I found yet another caterpillar in my costcutter lettuce…that's two consecutive caterpillars invading my veggies, I'm about 2 have a nervous breakdown.
Must have stepped on one a couple of days ago, there's obviously a worldwide battle breaking out between the caterpillars and myself…personally I think I'd win, but hey, if Shrek can beat the fairy godmother then I might be in trouble.
Guess the Timberlands are coming out of hibernation! Good clonky rubbery caterpillar-squashing booties…I would get the Caterpillars out, but that would just be too ironic…

November 22, 2004

Euuuuuuu, caterpillars!

Just letting everyone know that there is a potential pest problem in the Costcutter lettuce population!
I bought a lettuce from Costcutters 2day, seemed like a perfectly normal edible lettuce. However, it had a teeny weeny hole leading to the middle and I thought 'Hmmm, what's that?' As I started peeling the lettuce, to my insect-hating horror, I discovered the most uncute caterpillar wriggling around inside it. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!
My friend Cate lives on a farm, and told me to giv it a wash, but, euuuuuuuuu! No thanks! Not sharing my veggies with a slimy insect! So I'm having a bit of a gross out day, yuk, but I'm slowly recovering.
I'd appreciate it if peeps could share any Costcutter nightmares so I could prepare myself for the next 1 :D cheers!

October 15, 2004

Kyle–Dead Man Walking

I don't know if any of you have taken the time to look at Kyle Harrison's blog (if you have, big waste of time, so don't bother), but it came to my attention that he placed a photo of me on there with my hand across my face, entitled 'Lucy farted'.
Just wanted to clarify that that was not the case, Kyle was trying to take a photo of my side profile because he knows how much I hate my nose. Of course he didn't get there in time because I put my hand over my face.
So Kyle, watch your step little man because I'm gonna watch your every move like a hawk until I get the chance to make up some untrue, unpleasant things about you my lad…ok?
So glad we understand eachother!

October 10, 2004

The Monkey Ball Saga

This is a cry for help, reaching all you students who I'm sure are in desperate need of a little alleviance from the monkey ball saga.

My boyfriend lives hundreds of miles away from me and a couple of weekends ago, instead of going out or watching telly (couple stuff) we spent the whole weekend playing the highly addictive MONKEY BALL. Now, we've been together for 2 years, so please, no comments as to the dryness of such a relationship because we do usually have a few more shreds of life floating about, but the game is just too addictive. I'm thinking the faze is over but I find it kinda timeless to be honest.
So here's the debate…which is the better of the three:monkey target, monkey fight or monkey race (grand prix style). In my opinion, the race beats the rest hands down…there's no other buzz quite like trapping a defenceless monkey in a cube…but my boyfriends more in favour of monkey target. Personally,I keep drowning my monkey on that one, so I can't take the heartache of even trying anymore; it's all at the cost of poor old Meemee.
Let us know guys, I want some good old solid views on such a significant matter in today's society!!

October 08, 2004

Lucy the Bullet!

Oh my god! I'm such a dunce, I was so wrapped up in my new Muse album whilst writing my first entry that I totally forgot to report the most FANTASTIC thing that happened to me and my mates last night! I'm in Whitefields, so naturally, I waited outside Battered to catch a glimpse of a pro-show Electric 6. A very kind security guard, noticing my anticipation and sheer excitement, decided to get the Electric 6 dressing room sign signed for me by the band themselves!! AAAARRRRGGGHHH! What a souvenir! To make the night even more perfect, we only caught the band on their way back to the tour bus and got pix and some pleasant convo out of them!! DOUBLE AAAAARRRRGGGHHH! The Colonel hugged me!! WOOHOO!!.Warwick rocks :D xxxx

Hello everybody peeps!

Just started creating me new blogolog (my only one i spose :P) in the hype of an absolutely AMAZING fresher's ball last night!!!!! How much did Electric 6 rock?? Kinda impressed with Bjorn Again too…who would have thought, a closet Abba fan!?
Anywho, I'm gonna chuck in as much stuff as I can to ensure a satisfactory visit to my blogolog, so enjoy!
Signing out,

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