February 10, 2005

Globalising our extinction? (published in Footnote and the Warwick Boar)

Palaeontologists at the University of Washington have discovered that the biggest mass extinction in history was caused not by an asteroid or comet, but by intense global warming resulting from volcanic eruptions on a gigantic scale. The ‘Great Dying’, as geologists call it, wiped out 95 per cent of marine species and three-quarters of land-based species about 250 million years ago. Could a similar natural catastrophe occur in the future due to global warming caused by human activities?

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  1. Catherine

    This is a very interesting article! Where can I find your email so we can talk about it?

    11 Feb 2005, 17:43

  2. A truly fascinating article that reaches far into the soul of the question that surrounds the future of our planet, let alone, our race and very way of living. Thiis article… put simply, takes the subject of global warming to the next level. Nay, that is in fact false. This article takes the subject far beyond the next level, it is, unquestionably, in a level of its own. A level far beyond the grasp of any attempts to reach it. For Lucas Velozo de Melo Bento has taken the concept of intellectual pursuit to a new and exciting arena.

    Again… a thoroughly splendid article that should be seen as a beacon for future intellectual pursuits and a principal source of extensive, serendipitous and invaluable information for anyone interested in the future of our race and our planet. And by everyone… I simply mean everybody that is interested in having a future and, in fact, a clean and green future.

    18 Feb 2005, 00:36

  3. P Babkevich

    A good article that has been well written and with a clear passion for the subject. Although I still think the author puts a little too much heart into the arguement and not presenting both sides of the arguement, a true lawyer. Hope there is more to come.

    20 Feb 2005, 22:39

  4. Yours and Kasit's blogs make fascinating reading for someone so isolated from Warwick. Please keep the articles coming!

    14 Apr 2005, 10:48

  5. Me

    Hear hear! Green issues need more limelight.

    21 Apr 2005, 16:44

  6. Hear hear! Green issues need more limelight.

    21 Apr 2005, 16:44

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