January 11, 2012

3rd Entry?

Follow-up to Intro to Academic Writing for Arts and Social Science Students 2 from Warwick Skills Portfolio Award

Unless I'm mistaken, this is my third entry under "Intro to Academic Writing...." I haven't updated my blogs for quite a while, due having a very busy and stressful time around Christmas...

Since my last blog, I have been given my unassessed essay back, and have handed in an assessed essay for a different module. Sadly the former, did not get a very good mark, the reasoning as to why was sound however and I hope to take on board my lecturer's advice. I approached the essay in the wrong manner - writing it in English and then trying to convert this to German. In doing so, it did not flow very well in German and was rather confusing. Should a similar task ever come up, I plan to look up and use set German essay phrases, and ask one of my german online friends to read through it beforehand.

In regards to my assessed essay I tried to incorporate things I had learned in the writing seminars and critical thinking classes that I had attended. In hindsight, I wish I had given myself more time for the essay, because I would have been able to rephrase the whole essay to make it flow better, structured it in a sophisticated manner and would have been able to think up a decent conclusion.

One thing I would like to know however, is how do you structure a commentary? I feel this is different from an essay question, as it was difficult to find a direction for the essay; it seemed like my essay was a merely prose of observations and ramblings. Are there any writing seminars that focus on commentaries in particular? If not I feel this would be really useful to many students.

November 11, 2011

Intro to Academic Writing for Arts and Social Science Students 2

Follow-up to Intro to Academic Writing for Arts and Social Science Students 1 from Warwick Skills Portfolio Award

This is a follow up to my previous entry. I have not got much to report, as my course has not published the essay titles for my first assessed essay, which I am quite unhappy about. However I have read through all the handouts I have been given so far, and I am writing up all my notes in neat in a seperate book which I think is still a start.

At the moment I am struggling with the an unassessed essay title, which translated into English reads "Imagine you were born in a dictatorship. What would your childhood have been like?" I'm confused because I'm unsure if this question refers specifically to the National Socialist period, as it is a German course I'm doing...., or if it means if you were born in a dictatorship in general. So far I have wrote a rough draft, giving examples from both N.S and Stalinist dictatorships.

In addition to this the essay is only supposed to be 250 words long, and so I am struggling with the structure. :( It needs to contain a lot of information, be critical in a few words, but needs to be straight to the point...I've also no idea how I should conclude an essay written in the Konjuktive II.

I'll probably update again, once I've completed my essay. I can then comment how I've worked around all the problems.

October 22, 2011

Intro to Academic Writing for Arts and Social Science Students 1

[[I've made this entry accessable to EVERYONE this time, seeing as my previous entries haven't been received by previous tutors...]]

I found the seminar for academic writing particularly useful for my course. My plan of action over the next few weeks would be to read all of the hand outs and to use them in planning my next essay. The register and structure of the essay are areas I need to work on in particular and I would also like to use secondary sources/references more effectively. Although my first assessed essay isn't due in until week 1 term 2, I plan to start working towards it now using the various materials I have been given in the workshop.

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