December 08, 2005

what a term

so, end of term has come and gone and what a term.

near the begging my mother got married and on the same day as she married to her husband his father died, there was his funeral. then later in the term my best friend gained a boyfriend, which has made her happy, but in the same week or two one of her friends from back home died in a car crash. I got a boyfriend, my grandad got ill and died, I lost the boyfriend and now the term is over – perhaps the crazyness will end too, but I doubt it.

There was much other stuff that wasn't related to love and death I am sure, these are just the bits that have stuck in my mind somewhat.

October 27, 2005

half way through the term

first of all Del Amitri - 'Nothing ever happens' is a tune

labs as predicted when horribly wrong and now I am faced with the prospect of finishing the two lab reports by Monday – which is why it makes perfect sense that I am writing this :) Bit of a crazy week in general with my grandad going into intensive care. Yesterday he was transferred to high dependency so that is slightly less bad but it will be at least two weeks before anything much is known prognosis wise.

I heard a crazy rumour that something called reading week exists and occurs next week for those people not unfortunate enough to have thought science a good idea. As a first year I was much more aware of this idea, it seems to involve a lot of alcohol early in the week and panic in the latter part. Good luck to all those embarking on this adventure. As for our house, being composed of science types we shall work on, with chemistry labs starting along with other things such as enzymology and cell signalling. Also continuing with molecular biology in a series of lectures taken by one of the true dudes of the department 'Uncle Bob' Old. Cell signalling sees the return of John 'I come in pints' Davies, also a figure deserving of respect (there is a beer of the same name don't panic)

Much rambling later and the lab reports are still waiting to be done. Have a good one whatever you are up to next week.

October 17, 2005

time flies…

one week of labs has gone by and it has to be said that we are pretty rubbish! lots of attempted mutations later and it has all gone horribly wrong but I am molified by the idea that the all knowing types were also unable to induce competence and such random-ness that I'm pretty sure I should be able to talk about more coherently. Anyways, its 10pm, and believe it or not all my housemates are in bed! I think its the fact they are science types, and the all day labs… but still! I have been crazy busy but with the tendancy of my housemates to go to bed by 10 at the latest leaves my evenings free unlike last year when I was out and about. I should sleep or whatever

October 10, 2005

Ahrg! I forgot this even existed…

Since it is well over a year since I created this space… and it seems like a lifetime ago trust me, I think it is fair to say that I am not the most dedicated of blogging types.

My first year at warwick came and went somewhere between starting this thing in California and I was crazy busy the whole time, thats my excuse for the lack of entries! Anyways I passed the first year and now am heading into second year biochem and if possible am planning to do even more stuff but since I seem to have developed serious insomnia I may – permitting that I even remember that my blog exists, blog.

Good luck to all the biological science department types (including my lab partner and I) for the scary looking lab we have that starts… well sometime later today. As far as I can make out today we are supposed to set up the EMS culture for use tomorrow and to do the whole UV mutagenesis thing also for use tomorrow but perhaps pre-lab will make the whole thing a bit more clear.

September 14, 2004


hello anybody reading this….

my name is Lizzie and has been for as long as I can remember so ignore that Elizabeth stuff.


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