October 17, 2004


whoops, I should have known, all those failed diaries and journals, they hardly ever made it past the first month, its not really a surprise that I haven't written anything since the first week I guess.

So I have been to Leam- remains much the same, felt really good to be back in Benny Satch I have to say. And I somehow managed to convince the boss of Waterstones that he really needs me to be working for him which will be a nice little earner. Then there was a brief trip to Coventry and a visit to Brown's (will they never learn how to cook carrots properly???) And I've somehow contrived to be lost in Brum city centre whilst on the way to a lecture – all good fun I suppose.

I've even been managing a bit of running- getting off of campus for an hour most days is such a relief- look, there's a child! postman! cow! etc. I am currently in the process of fighting off my second illness since I got here- hopefully I will be better by tomorrow night when a big trip to Top B is on the cards- getting proper dressed up and everything….I'll let you know.

Gotta run (literal sense) does anyone ever read any of these things or is it millions of people just sitting writing rubbish and ignoring everyone else? Oh well,
Stay safe

September 27, 2004

Airport Lament

Early in the morning, soon I must venture out to try to sort out my new running route but first I thought I had better get a few things off my chest. So here goes- OH WHERE O WHERE HAS THE AIRPORT GONE!!!!!?????? There I was, innocently showing around some fellow post-grads, I was prepared for some changes, liked the little coffee bar Rococo a lot, sad to see that the little second hand book shop in the Union is now a ticket office (or has it moved somewhere else?), not sure yet about Rootes receotion, and then….totally unprepared for what was to come I came up the stairs to the Airport bar..scene of so many triumphs and tears during my under-grad years…and it was gone!

Gone were the wonderful low chairs that you could always squeeze that extra person onto the end of, gone was the feeling of light and space that persisted even when the place was heaving with sport's circles, gone was the big screen where so many watched England's turbulent football and cricket career's- I was in shock. And what has replaced it? Tables and chairs, a big counter, people perched on spindly stools, the type that little five foot two people find most uncomfortable, not a football table in sight. Maybe it's just the evil conservative in me, but I think it was better before, I mean, how long did they spend thinking up the new concept- 'the bar'?. Not exactly inspired- everyone knows that if you want to sink a pint with yout mates, you want to do it in surroundings reminiscent of an airport waiting room, it's obvious!

But that is the end of my rant, I promise never to mention the way things were ever again. Unless I really have to. So, as you have probably guessed, I took a quick tour of the campus yesterday, all the old memories came flooding back. Today has dawned very grey and gloomy looking, a reminder that we are about to be plunged into the great english winter, which actually I quite enjoy to be honest. I'd better go out and test the air now, more later.

Stay Safe.

September 26, 2004

The Historian's Craft

Dear All,

Welcome all merry maidens and bonny lads to Lol's blog. Wow, I wish I'd brought my guitar up now, it's certainly sunny enough today to put you in the mood to sing folk music under the trees, the campus looks great in the autumn sunshine. Talking of which, I am returning to Warwick as a post-grad after graduating in 2001, so I'm looking forward to discovering just what has changed and what remains the same (wot no Kaleidoscope?!!!) around the place.

I'm going to try to keep up with the blogging so all the folks back home can keep tabs on what's going on with me, but as everyone knows the life of a historian is a very hectic one (!) so there will be no promises. That's enought for now I reckon, let's hope next time I log in I will acually have a library and student card!!

Stay Safe

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