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December 14, 2005

Workflow audit

If you ever thought there was a duller entry title than some of the ones I used to talk about the reading list audit (working on the final report even as I type) then it's this one. Something the RIU will be helping out with in the early new year is an audit of what subject librarians spend their time on and how this matches up with current aspirational priorities. I've been through this process myself in an earlier life at York, so am quite familiar with how easy it is.

Chatted with my old boss Chris following discussions with Hywel on the topic. Nice to catch up with what's going on back up north, what things are developing well, not to mention what hasn't changed that much in the 18 months since I was working there (wow, that suddenly seems a long time ago!).

Ah well, only one week to go to Christmas…

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