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November 05, 2007

Why university libraries should promote OA resources more than paid–for resources

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The 2007 survey of Open Access Resources has finally been published as SPEC Kit 300 (SP300) by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). A four-page Executive Summary is freely available.

It would make sense for libraries to make promotion of OA resources to teaching staff a priority, but most (75%) of the respondent libraries are not promoting OA resources any differently than other resources, with several respondents saying they promote paid resources more than OA resources. According to the summary, “OA resources have a lower priority in general and libraries have a hard enough time getting patrons to use paid resources”.

Why this focus on promoting paid-for resources? If resources are not used, their subscription cannot be justified and the library’s budget could be reduced accordingly, would be the obvious answer. Nevertheless this defensive rationale could be short-sighted.

The more OA resources that libraries can provide for researchers in addition to any paid subscriptions, the richer the library’s resource provision in support of research and therefore, the more added value the library is providing to the research mission of the institution. This ARL survey does a good job of describing the library work associated with providing such added value through OA resources.

Let us now speculate that the more popular OA resources become among academics, both as authors and readers, the greater the proportion of OA journals in their recommended readings for students, and therefore the less the pressure on library budgets to keep up with escalating journal subscription prices and the more money left to buy print monographs for researchers and text books for students.

In the UK at least, a large proportion of the library budget typically goes into buying multiple copies of undergraduate key-text books, copies which are never enough to satiate students’ assumptions about their library’s stock.

Why not make consultation with faculty about particular OA resources a priority of liaison?

If libraries are caught in a vicious circle of promoting paid-for resources to academics, the academics then including these resources in reading lists, and then the library not being able to afford resourcing those reading lists, whose fault is it?

November 18, 2005

I love psychologists!

Not literally – as I think my wife would be that impressed! I refer to the psychologists I've been working with this morning as part of the 2nd phase of a project with Martin Skinner's 2nd year social psychology students. We've been looking at reading lists, students’ perceptions & reactions, as well as dipping into their confidence with searching skills.

1stly Martin's level of co-operation and facilitation of my work has been pretty much second to none. Not only does he let me pop into his lecture today at the start to hand out questionnaires, he enthuses about what we're doing and made his students fill them in whilst I waited. He is a star! I think he’s going to become the model level of co-operation we expect from academics when we do this sort of work – if they want it to be successful and representative.

2ndly the students were great as they co-operated and dutifully filled the questions in. Ok this time there was no incentive (thanks to a debatable policy on the matter in house) just working for the greater good. However, without the willingness of the students to participate I'd have no data to work on.

I know I used to be a Psychology subject specialist at the Uni of York and I'm probably biased, but they remain just about my favourite department and student body to work with. Wonder if they need an on-site library & information specialist for reasonable pay?

If you're a second year undergaduate psychology student and wanted to take part in this project survey - drop me an email or pop into the RIU office on the third floor and pick up a survey form. Likewise if you've filled one in and had a comment you forgot to add to the sheet, please do get in touch - your opinions are always welcomed!

It made a nice break from reading list analysis I can certainly say too! And this afternoon interviews in the Grid – joy! :)

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