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September 28, 2005

Puthering and puthered

Tis a word my mother used recently (claiming she used it all the time whilst we were growing up – I deny this!) to indicate a heavy shower of rain. (e.g. "It's fair puthering down") Later on she used it in the context of being quite tired (e.g. "I'm really puthered"). Wasn't sure if it also might mean a touch sweaty!

As far as I can tell (thanks to Google) in sorta means pouring out/forth – but as for the second derivation no joy at all even with Jen searching in the OED. I'll have to chalk it up to another great Lincolnshire dialectical word that no one much uses…

Until this blog entry that is!

September 27, 2005

Cars & Lists

Well the drive in was smoother today – so much smoother that there was time to pick up petrol and get into the office and kick off work before 8am. Marvellous – would that all days started that easily. Just hope I'm still awake enough to enjoy tonight's art class!

Meanwhile in the world of the reading list project we passed a milestone yesterday as the 800th list was analysed. We really are in the home stretch now, and whilst there are still a lot of lists to be looked at (as the pile on my desk will testify too) I'm glad to continue to get ever closer to that light at the end of the tunnel. Inga's input has been quite frankly invaluable – after myself she's the second fastest analyser on this project which is a real boon. Just hope I can keep her services to the RIU as we shift into other projects – she’s certainly earned the right to be involved in some slightly more interesting aspects.

September 26, 2005

Great Scott!

You go away for a week and when you return the place has been over run by students! I just hope that as we kick off this year's academic session that this morning's traffic was not the harbinger of things to come. 75 minutes to drive here before 8am does not a happy bunny me make.

Coventry may be many (possibly nice) things, but the ring road sucks I'm most afraid to say. Roll on half term and quieter roads…

September 09, 2005

The UK: A disgusting and terrifying place to live?

Writing about web page

One wonders if she lived outside of London (for which I can agree with her comments) and saw some of the rest of the country she might think again. Do so loath this "London is England" view that folks overseas have, without our own people going down that street…

Now if she'd lived in Lincolnshire she'd be able to replace "disgusting" with "dull" and "terrifying" with "terminally boring"...

August 19, 2005

Where's me hat?

Writing about web page

OK - as Jen complained I hadn't blogged this week – here's an entry! Sadly though in an effort to stave off another update on reading lists (do you REALLY want to know how that's going? No, I didn't really think so!) here's a picture I spotted of the Pope on his visit to Germany that rather amused me.

Tasteful (this is a family safe blog after all) captions invited!

August 10, 2005

Blue Peter

Writing about web page

Ran across this site last night whilst trying to verify some facts on Blue Peter. Spent the next 30 minutes chuckling rather loudly much to the Wife's annoyance…

July 21, 2005

Away Day V. 2.0

So just come back from the Library Planning Away day*. Not quite so long as the one back in January but still just as interesting to hear what all the various sections and teams are up to. Nice to hear the RIU getting name checked in a fair few of the reports.

At the end we were discussing how the day could have been made better – various comments made though I kept my trap shut on one thing that I thought would have really helped. Some team building exercises!

Yea, I know a lot of people hate them – but for me the best part of the whole day was having the opportunity to chat informally with the various team leaders and other staff. For once, felt a real level of camaraderie building that I have to confess seems to be lacking at lot of the time (could just be my perception mind you). What better way to build a greater team feeling between us all than taking part in some duck herding, team games or maybe even just something social to finish the day off.

Did float the idea with one of the Library Managers some weeks ago when this away day was announced – but she poured icy cold water on the idea. Ah well, maybe another time.

*neither away from Campus or all day so rather a misnomer.

June 27, 2005

The Dept of Maths is my friend

Just passed the 4% off module reading lists analysed, which is a bit of a turn up for the books. Having fought my way through some massive reading lists, the Mathematics 3rd year ones were more in the way of a light relief – and I've whizzed through them all in 2 days.

All the same this is pretty tedious work – so if anyone out there fancies supplying me with copious cake-by-mail now would be a good time.

Because tomorrow I think I may well have to turn and start dealing with a massive Politics or Engineering list and will need all the quick cals I can get…

Current Biggest list
North America: Themes and Problems

June 15, 2005

Mini break in the Ardeche

Writing about web page

Just been on a canoeing trip down the river Ardeche. We travelled 30km through the river gorge over 2 days, carrying our camping essentials in big plastic barrels. I don't know why I bothered packing a towel for a shower as we got thoroughly soaked by the river anyway, so I didn't really need a shower!!

The scenery was really lovely and it was great fun with a large group of friends. Most of us had never canoed before, so we had quite a few capsizes on the rapids, but the plastic barrels did us proud and kept all the food dry for a big BBQ at the overnight bivouac site. I'm proud to say that our boat was the only one that didn't capsize during the whole trip. Must be all that rowing that my husband does and the coxing that I do that meant we were better able to balance and steer the boat. Oh, and because we make such a great team, of course!!

Anyway, I thoroughly recommend it. You can do the journey in just one day, but I was ready to stop at the half-way point after 6 hours of paddling. My arms were agony after each day's canoeing, so if I go canoeing again, I'm definitely going to a gymn to prepare my body for the effort!

My other advice would be to take a pair of gloves: I had some fingerless cycling ones and my delicate hands would have suffered without them. Also, make sure you get a canoe of the type with a double ended paddle. These don't take on as much water in the rapids and are therefore easier to balance and steer (and you don't have to stop as frequently to empty the water out). The double paddles are also easier if you have to keep up with several other boats full of energetic lads!

I just need to catch up on my sleep now…

June 14, 2005

No, there goes my sanity

Spoke (wrote) too soon there. Thought I'd spend a bit of light relief time analysing the learning grid user survey. All started off so well but have been ploughing through the qualitative data today. My personal favourite is the user who requested a "bed" to be added to the facilities. Actually not a bad idea, and one that I've thought about implementing here considering the ammount of time I feel like crawling under the desk and taking a nice doze.

Any-hoo the end is at least in sight for this, and I should have shot of it by the end of this arvo (or at worst first thing tomorrow am). The results are shocking – peopl love the Grid and want more of it – bigger, faster, smarter and in many cases nearer to where they live! Congrats to whomever suggested knocking down the Library and building a bigger grid – so long as I get a shiny office there I'm all for it (gotta be better than where I am right now!).

Interestingly there's a real split in who's been using the Grid – mostly Soc.Sci and Science students (or at least they're the one's who responded). I wonder if this really reflects the demographic profile of the normal Grid user – perhaps Rachel's got some information on that which will shed a bit more light on it. Mostly undergaduates who've responded to this too – again a key demographic question.

Hope Rachel appreciates the effort – she owes me a burger next Tuesday at the very least…

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