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December 16, 2005

busy week

This week has been a whirlwind! I guess it started with the trip to Dorney lake at Eton college on Sunday. Up at 6am, drive to the lake, screw together an iced up boat, hang around in the freezing fog for a few hours, then command and steer a boat of 8 men for 2×4km training pieces: its quite tiring, believe me! The last thing we needed was bad traffic, but with the M1 closed and a couple of accidents on the M40 and the road leading up to it, we were scuppered on our journey back to the boat club to put the boat away, before we could go home: we got back at about 8pm.

Tuesday night was the Institute of Mechanical Engineers Midlands branch Christmas dinner. It’s my husband who’s a member, not me, but I was tempted by the prospect of a night off from cooking, and the speaker was a lady rally driver, which I found intriguing. Lorna Smith is the British ladies rally champion, I believe, and she had some gripping video footage to show.

Wednesday saw a conference in London. Luckily it was just for the afternoon, so I didn’t miss the Library Marketing group meeting in the morning. I caught the pendolino train that got me to London in just about an hour. Those tilting trains make me travel sick! I’m never normally sick on a train, and I can read in cars, but I also do get sea sick. In any case, I skipped lunch because I learnt the hard way on my last trip to London…

The conference was very good and I learnt a lot from Jane Secker’s presentation about the CLA Scanning licence and the trial audit which the CLA carried out there recently. I have a lot of questions to put to Jane, that there wasn’t time for on Wednesday. Basically it’s a very complicated licence and even though I’ve read it through and through, there were still one or two things that Jane had spotted and I hadn’t. Still, the LSE have been clearing copyright for scanned items for a while now, and Jane was involved in the negotiation of the licence, so she ought to know more than me really! I am glad I went.

Last night was the Staff Christmas quiz. The library, the RIU and the Modern Records Centre all put in a team. The MRC team won the quiz overall, so well done to them. The library team came in about 12th, apparently, and I have no idea where the RIU team finished because I left before the end to get my beauty sleep! I don’t think we were last…

Time for a quiet weekend, you’d think, but I still have all my Christmas shopping to do… oh and a ball to go to tomorrow night in Birmingham.

I love this time of year!

December 07, 2005

Ho ho ho hic

Writing about web page

My, he is a jolly fellow. Use the arrow keys to guide Santa…

November 29, 2005

Hurrah for the network (not)

Well once again today we're having network problems – I've just lost over an hours work which I saved but for some reason the network didn't bother to tell me it wasn't being saved. Ah tell a lie, managed to find a backup of a backup to restore most of what I've done.

All the same though this is the second day is a row when this has been happening – I think I'd be getting more done at home where at least my PC rig runs stably. Jen's PC just sent the hardrive into overload and we had to cut the power at the wall before it exploded. Not good…

November 25, 2005

Ice Station Zebra

Well the icy conditions we're all suffering through on the 3rd floor have now merited being reported to estates. Rather fearing they'll briskly stroll across and declare it quite warm enough. It's not though – since I'm sat here in my hoodie with the hood up. Luckily unlike Imperial College we don't have a ruling about them in the workplace…

November 23, 2005

On foreign soil

Since the carpet people have arrived to rip and replace around my desk this morning I've decamped to go and work at the Learning Grid. Since the manager Rachel Edwards is often hot-desking in our office I thought I'd return the favour and bug her for a few hours. It is lovely and warm, not to mention surprisingly quiet here right now so I've been able to sign off on the talk I'm doing on exploiting blogs for librarians tomorrow already. Now to finish writing an article for SCONUL Focus and then some more work trying to make sense of the reading list survey.

November 09, 2005

Digital switchover and the north/south divide

Writing about web page

So what would you say was the wealthiest region of the country? Probably the South-East. So which region do you think would be best equipped to buy new digital receivers for when the government turns off the analogue signal – probably one and the same right?

So interesting that according to this plan the South-East will be the last region to get it, and the rest of the country has to fork out first! Bah! On the other hand Tyneside also appears to be in there at the end – not quite sure how that fits into my equation.

Don't know what I'm worrying about, I've had Sky for years…

Car Park 8: Roped off?!

So I arrived to park in CP8 this morning as usual, yet was shocked to discover that a whole row of bays on the ground floor had been roped off – though with 3 cars inside the barrier. No sign to explain why this had happened (over night I'd assume). So whilst I was in the gym I formulated some ideas:

1) Car parking patrols had run out of clamps for naughty overnight parkers and hoped a thin piece of tape would stop them removing the car.

2) By decreasing the apparent parking areas more people would be forced to park "university illegally" and be clamped, hence increasing the revenue streaming for the parking patrols

3) That the area behind the tape wasn't safe to park in and three naughty scamps just ignored the tape.

4) Student prank (though not up to their usual high standards I'm sure)

5) A half hearted response to some kind of threat from one of the cars in question…

I wonder if the day will shed any further light on this one…

October 31, 2005

Mad Mel & Sadam: Seperated at Birth?

Writing about web page

Is it just me, or is Mel Gibson looking more like the former leader of Iraq these days?

October 14, 2005

Happy Birthday to Jenny

Yes it's Jen's birthday today – so take the opportunity of this special day to walk up to her and whilst shaking her firmly by the hand saying "You are the birthday girl and I claim my free drink".

Well it's worth a try. As it is you might (not) have the possibility to redeem the offer as we're heading the Varsity just off campus after work tonight for a celebratory pub visit. All welcome from 4.30/5ish onwards.

October 06, 2005

Fanboy or overdog?

Writing about web page

I'm rather shocked to have scored 9/10 on this test of your knowledge of the modern vernacular – but as a real fanboy I shouldn't be that surprised. And rather ashamed that I only scored 8/10 on the Physics test yesterday.

Is it just me or is the BBC just turning into a quiz hosting site these days?

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