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January 17, 2006

Medical student focus groups

Follow-up to Participants still wanted – Medical/Library Focus groups from Innovating Research!

Well not sure it's the power of the blog, probably more the power of the mass-email but I've had a few more volunteers for these sessions. Huzzah huzzah!

But still plenty of spaces for interested medical undergraduates – and don't forget that £10 Amazon voucher lure…

January 16, 2006

Participants still wanted – Medical/Library Focus groups

Follow-up to Medical student focus groups from Innovating Research!

There are spaces open to phase 1 & 2 medical students to participate in short (and painless) focus groups. Students will have the opportunity to discuss a wide range of issues relating to the University library, its physical and electronic resources in a free and frank exchange of views.

Sessions will run at the following dates, times and venues:

Monday 6th, Medical School, Gibbet Hill Campus
Grp 1: 9am
Grp 2: 10:30am

Tuesday 7th: Medical School, Gibbet Hill Campus
Grp 3: 2pm
Grp 4: 3:30pm

Friday 10th CSB, University Hospital, Coventry
Grp 5: 9am
Grp 6: 10:30am

All participants will receive a £10 Amazon voucher as a thank you for their input.

If you are interested – then please email Gareth Johnson ( with the dates and times you are interested and available for before 27th Janurary 2006.

January 09, 2006

Medical student focus groups

Looks like we'll be moving ahead with the planned focus groups for the Medical School in early February. Hopefully by now the phase 1 and 2 students will have received an email from their stream leaders announcing them and asking for volunteers to get in touch with myself.

There's a rich variety of things that we could discuss on the days in question (6, 7 and 10th of Feb) but I've got to discuss these with Sarah Thorning (Library Biomed projects officer) before they'll be finalised. Should all provide some very interesting information.

November 28, 2005

And the results were…

Follow-up to Medical focus from Innovating Research!

Interesting to say the least. The Medical Grid was definitely something the students would appreciate and they had a wealth of suggestions that will help Rachel to shape what she puts in place (though I know time is tight for this project). The two most important things to the students it seemed to me was a provision of duplicate book stock from the current Grid (biomedical stuff) and good long opening hours to cope with their particular needs.

As suspected there was also some related comments on the library and its current resource provisions for medics. Unsurprisingly "more" was the core theme here, and I've passed on the comments to the Science Librarian team so they can hopefully take it forward.

I think the willingness of the medics to engage with the discussions shows a good form that we can hopefully repeat for the library's efforts next terms.

In other news, whilst it might be snowing outside it is a healthy 22.5degsC inside the office today – a great improvement on last week and one that I hope sticks!

Medical focus

I'm off this morning to help facilitate a small focus group with Rachel "Learning Grid" Edwards up at the medical school. They're perhaps not the most systematically formulated population sample (three students and one academic) nor perhaps quite big enough for a really good session, though all the same there will probably be some very interesting insights into the students and their needs as they pertain to the Grid – and to a lesser degree to the Library.

We're hoping to run some groups with the undergrads early next year looking more closely at library perceptions and resourcing needs. The postgrads are going to be a bit trickier to reach as they tend to be off site a lot more – so potentially we'll try and gain some insight using an online questionnaire. But all this is pending discussions (and hopefully warm support) with the Medical School staff.

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