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November 15, 2005

Audio tour online – who's looking at it?

Writing about web page

I do mean looking at the audio tour. Our statistics so far show how many people have accessed the web pages for the audio tour, but we don't actually know whether people have listened to any of the files all the way through.

I can't really say who is looking though, just that some people are. We started out asking people to log in before they could see the audio tour web page, which meant that we could tell if they were staff or students. However, we decided to remove this barrier, and now we can't really tell. Most seem to be students rather than staff, where we can tell.

The most interesting fact that the statistics have brought to light is that the Welcome file is the most accessed one of all the audio tour sound tracks. This is the first file listed on the page, naturally. The Conclusion file is the least well listened to, which is a shame because it does contain valuable information. The tour was designed so that the in between files were optional, so important stuff was put into the Welcome and Conclusion files. It was designed for someone walking around the library with a handset, rather than for those downloading it online. However, if we do decide that we want to meet the demand for an online audio tour specifically, we should be sure to get all our important information in the Welcome file! I think it might actually require a different type of script, too, without the filler information that is provided for whilst people are walking around.

Watch out for my Audio tour feedback report, which will appear on StaffWeb sometime before Christmas…

Libraries and Terrorism

Writing about web page

Or more accurately CILIP's guidance on the recent bills which propose giving police and security services the rights to scrutinise borrowing records or internet sites visited by particular individuals. As featured in last Tuesday's education Guardian this is an area of concern for librarians across the country who might have ethical dilemmas with it.

Thankfully CILIP has obtained legal advice on the issue, reproduced in their press release I've linked to – that's probably well worth a read by all library staff.

UC&RG National Committee meeting

Spent yesterday travelling all the way up to Newcastle for the National UC&RG committee meeting. Rather a long day as travelling up from Loughborough is hardly the most direct of routes. Surprisingly Newcastle was far warmer than Loughborough!

A good (if long – one day we'll have less than a 4+ hour one) meeting for which I mostly able to write up the minutes on the train ride back. One advantage I guess of long journeys. The good news is that the Library Futures event that's being hosted at Aston University in the next few weeks may well be repeated in the new year – such has been the demand to attend. Naturally, this will all depend on the speakers agreeing to take part again (or replacements if they aren't).

There was also a fair amount of discussion on the SIG review, and contrasted with CoFHE I believe the UCR are taking a far more positive approach to the whole exercise and no matter what the outcome really want to do the best for our membership. Also heard an update on the 2006, 7 and 8 conferences which are shaping up nicely – just hope I get the chance to attend, as the UEA hosted on next year looks like being real fun – though not 100% convinced by the chill out zones! Am I attending a conference or a festival?

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