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February 26, 2006

You Are What You Eat

Now this is a show I've never watched, but since 2 people I went to school with are going to be part of this Tuesdays show I've decided to watch it for once.

Back home the news of this has been in various local papers and local radio stations to drum up further interest.

In fact the guy on it ("the boyfriend") was the guy I used to sit next to in A-Level chemistry…

You Are What You Eat, Channel 4

Tuesday 28th Feb. 8pm

January 17, 2006

If you don't like Man Utd – Support Burton!!! FA Cup 3rd Round Replay

Continuing with my love of the FA cup 3rd round, tomorrow night see's the replay of my home town, Burton, against Manchester United. Now I can't stand Man Utd at all, I know a lot of football fans can't, so why not become a Burton fan for the night!!

November 28, 2004

Kate's 19th Celebrations

Oh what a night!! Great turnout, was so cool to see so many people again – all together at the same time, almost all the old group reunited (with a few notable exceptions missing) Nathans shock arrival was just that – a massive shock – none of us were expecting to see him til Christmas!! A few freaky flashbacks to a year ago and some history most definately repeating itself!! Copious amounts of alcohol were consumed by many (not me, I was driving) and muchos 'bad' dancing in Barracuda as always.
All in all an excellent night out and glad I decided to go what with everything going on I needed some resembelance of my life back for a night and it was worth it!!
Happy Birthday Mate!! I know you had a wicked time and enjoy Grease that Rob's taking you to.

November 06, 2004

The Return to Spoonies….

It's the morning (well technically afternoon) after the night before, seems a little weird to say that when you were a) stone cold sober and b) designated driver. Last was so much fun, back at good ode Spoonies; 3 uni students and 2 rowers had a good laugh.
Sadly Sam's gran had died earlier yesterday so she was unexpectedly home and in need of a night out (or to get pissed more like). I'd place money on the fact that she was already pretty drunk when I picked her up from her house though she swears blinid she hadn't been. I've seen a Drunk Sam enough times to recognise her me thinks. Anyway we met Nathan and Dowell in the Sir Nigel (after I again got stopped at the door for I.D. – I was even wearing a Warwick hoodie for God's sake!!) for a while before Dowell had to leave and Kenny – complete with shocking Paisley shirt from the leavers prom – arrived tanked up on a half dozen or so Stella's.
So the drinking commenced and I, once again, was stopped at the Bar, for looking underage – am getting totally sick of this!! Now I know this wasn't just because I was drinking coke only but Kenny didn't seem to shut up at all, if it wasn't rowing or pumpkins he was talking about then it was pumpkins or rowing!! I must have caught Nathan rolling his eyes a good twenty odd times!!
I got introduced to Strawpedo – at which was Rob was mightly impressive with a Reef. I don't think I've ever seen anything drank so quickly including Nathan downing his trademark DVRB in less than 15 secs!! Then later in the night as we walked down the High Street Kenny started doing cartwheels in his intoxicated state – how he didn't end up flat on his arse I shall never know!!
After Spoonies had closed them came the enviable task of trying to get these pissheads home; Kenny insisted on walking so Rob went with him to make sure he actually got home, Sam on the otherhand wasn't too willing to go back to the car as she didn't seem to want to go home. Eventually, after lying on the floor outside the Sir Nigel and 'pole dancing' around a bollard (at which a pervy taxi driver flashed his lights) Nathan and I had managed to get her back to the car to go home.
All in all an excellent night – who says you have to be drunk to have a good time and that being the only sober one is no fun!! Pictures most definately to follow…

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