November 01, 2004

Top Gear

I wanted to write this last night, but I couldn't add to my blog for some reason :(

Quite simply Top Gear is one, if not the best, kept secret on the BBC. The brilliance the show delievers each week is simply awesome. Its not a show thats advertised to death or talked-up, but simply goes about its business each Sunday on BBC2 while its legions of fans tune in to see comical brilliance of the 3 guys.
Who else but Rich Hammond could make a Porsche 911 obsession both amusing and worth-watching? Jeremy Clarksons sheer arrogance at times over the 'Cool Wall' – though of course the DB9 does deserve its own fridge and I agree with him over the Ferrari Enzo (the F1 fan in me is so anti-ferrari) but some cars he just has wrong!!
The attempts to destroy the land rover (edit: sorry pick-up truck my mistake) , the caravan target practice and theice cream vans over the bouncy castles make this show worth watching all on its own.

Top Gear, proof that a car show doesn't have to be serious or boring!!!

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  1. Got to agree…great show!

    01 Nov 2004, 21:56

  2. they didnt try and destroy a land rover.

    it was a toyota pick-up truck! The things it went through were amazing. and it still ran without changing any of the parts!

    (the first series land rover was voted one of the best cars ever by a top gear poll)

    01 Nov 2004, 22:17

  3. Oh yeh course it was a pick-up truck, I remember talking about it with my old physics teacher who was a Land Rover fanatic and said you'd be hard pressed to destroy a classic land rover as well – in his opinion. Ooops

    01 Nov 2004, 23:48

  4. Saz

    Hey wassup lara, didnt even know you had a site, found it by mistake, anywayz, will look through, c ya in the easter break (4 weeks off!!!!)

    17 Mar 2005, 06:06

  5. Martin

    TOP GEAR (SUN 2000) 3.66 million viewers BARB statistics

    It is the most popular show on BBC 2 :D

    10 Jul 2005, 20:50

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