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November 05, 2008

It's done

CNN call it for Obama. The Daily Show beat them to it by about 20 seconds!

Why I Care. The US Election.

So I am staying up watching the election results. Some people that know me think I’m crazy to do so. It’s a view I sympathise with, after all, it’s so far away. And I pay far more attention to this election then the ones in the UK.

I made a resolution at the start of the year to watch every episode of The Daily Show and Colbert Report for the entire year, in order to keep up with US news, in a fun way. Because they are electing the de facto ruler of the world.

That alone should be enough. It’s generally as far as I go. Sometimes I’ll also point out the fact that there are still fundamental idealogical differences between the two main parties, and they’re differences reflected in policy. Back over here you can barely tell the difference since ‘New Labour’ came about in ‘97, and elections are now run on the basis of polling people in marginal constituencies, and promising whatever they want. For everything they can be criticised for, the US really do do democracy how it should be done. Even if they often use that system to make really bad choices.

But I didn’t follow the 2000 and 2004 campaigns and elections in such detail. This one is different.

The entire world is at a turning point. So much stuff is going on: the economic rise of China and collapse of the Western economies, global terrorism, shortage of oil, global warming… The world is really at a tipping point and whoever is running the US for the next 4 years will have the power to determine exactly how the Western word reacts to all these issues. Do they look after everyone, try and make the world a better place and strive for peace? Or do they look after the rich Americans at the cost of everyone else.
It’s hugely significant, and the thought of living in a world run by John McCain is just depressing. And while I don’t think Obama is a magic pill that will cure all the world’s ills, I do think he at least gives us a chance.

I jokingly compared McCain to Thatcher in an earlier live-blog entry, but I can sort of see things going that way. McCain might be a stronger hand to provide a short-term fix for the US economy, but a generation down the line we’ll see the true cost.

Still, things are looking rather good at the moment, touch wood.
Check the live blog for more:

November 04, 2008

Live–Blogging the US Election

Writing about web page

Head over here to see the latest views on the Election from myslef, Anna, Chris Brown, Chris T-T and maybe some others…

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