March 05, 2010


So Mark Watson is doing a thing over on his blog in the spirit of the old 24-hour shows. The idea is to set a goal to accomplish within the next ten years. I decided it’d be fun to play and it led me to thinking what, exactly, I should choose.

There are the obvious ones. The things I want to achieve in life. To find someone nice to share it with. To build up my freelance work so I can support myself just through writing. To become more confident. But these are all things that I am either already working towards, or have solid plans to work towards. They’re aims that already exist that I need to accomplish regardless in order to be generally happy. So choosing any of those feels like a bit of a cop out.

Then there are the trivial ideas which might lead to some interesting stories. Change my look and style every year. Go on 120 dates. Kiss at least one beautiful girl every year. Visit 12 different countries. They’re all decent ideas but seem ultimately hollow. Would I really be any better off afterwards?

There’s two ideas that nearly made the cut that I’m going to have a go at anyway. They basically tackle my cultural deficiencies. I watch a lot of (good) TV. I see a lot of comedy. I listen to a decent amount of music. I play far too many video games. I read a bit, though narrowly, but I don’t enjoy at all battling through a tough book for the sake of it, and when I read for pleasure, I read really slowly. That leaves two of the major cultural forms by my count: film and theatre. I only ever seem to go to the cinema when I’m in a relationship. Since I’m more than often not, films tend to pass me by. Nevertheless, it’s not like I don’t know how to get them off the internet (legally through Netflix, of course) but whenever I sit down to watch something I end up catching up on my backlog of TV shows instead.

So here is secondary idea number one: every month there will be a film night. I will watch a film, and crucuially it will be one suggested by someone else. Either on here, Twitter, Facebook, or 3D-Social-Megathon-5000 or whatever the social network of ten years’ time is called. I ask, you suggest, I pick one I haven’t seen, watch, and write about. 120 films total. Not many, but the idea is that it’ll get me seeking out other stuff by the same writers/directors of my own accord. And it should be nearly impossible to fail at.

Secondary idea number two: get in to theatre. Yeah, that one is a lot more nebulous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a proper live theatre production ever, with the exception of the odd comedy play at the Fringe. I’m entirely clueless about the whole thing. Honestly, I couldn’t even say if I’d enjoy it or not. Which is disgusting really. There’s an entire art form I don’t even know if I like. I’ll need some help on this one too as I have no damn clue how or where to even start. Somewhere cheap, preferably! Any suggestions and offers of assistance would be greatly appreciated.

But idea number one is easy. Idea number two is kind of impossible to measure the success of. So my main choice is the first thing that came to mind when I read about this thing.

I’m going to learn piano.

See, I learning piano isn’t really that much fun. I know, I’ve tried a few times already. But I want to be able to play. Not brilliantly, just enough that I can bang out a few tunes for my own amusement. Unlike the other ideas, this one is about the goal, not the process. It’s something that won’t be much fun to do, but without the added motivation of TYSIC it’s one thing I know I’ll never find time to get around to.

So there we go, first step is getting the digital piano back from Cannock and tracking down my learning books…

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  1. Amy

    I found you via Mark Watson’s site, but noticed that you’ve got a Warwick Blog. I’m a Warwick student, so I’m quite interested to follow your Blog and see how this goes :-)

    I’m writing my TYSIC post now. Be interesting to see how it goes.

    05 Mar 2010, 13:43

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