May 31, 2008

Edinburgh Comedy Festival

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So there’s a big row going on about the fact that the ‘Big Four’ venues in Edinburgh (Gilded Balloon, Assembly Rooms, Pleasance and Underbelly) have joined forces to package everything up in one brochure under one heading.

While I’m very much against it, it’s just another in the cynical marketing ploys that happen every year. For many years past these venues paired up with each other to make 2 big brochures instead of 4, and now we’re just getting one, it seemed an obvious step. Also having all the booking systems linked is fairly handy, as you can buy tickets for one venue at the box office for another.

This is nowhere near as bad as the stunt Avalon pulled a few years back, where they printed off brochures with a cover and design just like the Fringe program, and called it a “Fringe Highlights guide”, with only those in the know able to figure out it only actually had Avalon acts in it – your average punter would have taken it as an official festival production, with genuine ‘highlights’.

One thing that stood out for me in the article linked above was that they wanted to be ‘bigger than Glastonbury’ and this led me to thinking about the one case in which I would support this “Edinburgh Comedy Festival” and that’s if I could buy an “Edinburgh Comedy Festival” Ticket for say £150 like most other festival, and then get in to any shows I wanted to see that were at these venues. It’ll never happen though.

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  1. Tim Groves

    That probably wouldn’t be fair on the smaller acts though would it? The bigger comedians wouldn’t be part of the ticket price, or if they were would command such a high percentage of the ticket that it would make it even harder for lesser known comedians to make it in Edinburgh.

    The important thing to remember about the Edinburgh Comedy Festival website is that it contains everything at those venues, not just comedy. Plus the plan is to invite more venues to be part of it next year.

    I think you should be innocent until proven guilty, and I don’t think we should be cynical about this yet.

    22 Jul 2008, 01:09

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