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February 22, 2008

Dis/Connected Dis/Continued

Writing about web page

TV Scoop report that Dis/Connected, a BBC Drama pilot based around the story of a teenage suicide, is being shelved indefinatly due to recent events

Now I could understand in the past a sensationalist drama being postponed given recent events, Spooks being delayed a few years back springs to mind after a real-life terrorist attack. I don’t agree with that line of thinking (people can always change the channel if they’re that bothered) but I can understand it.

But from all reports, Dis/Connected appears to be a sensitive, personal drama dealing with the effects of a teenagers suicide on her friends and family. Presumably part of the reason this was made was to highlight the problem that exists. Teenage suicide happens. More than we like to think about. It could also offer some comfort to those who have been left behind in the wake of such tragedys, to help them deal with what happened, it its own small way.

To postpone the show because the events it deals with actually happen is just the BBC burying thier heads in the sand and waiting for it to go away.

I think after this week’s events the need for something in the media to deal with the issues is even greater than it was before. Nice one BBC.

Random thoughts that don't deserve a blog entry of thier own

It’d be sort of funny if fairly-decent-but-not-brilliant show The Unit ended up cancelled this year after the WGA strike resulted in it’s last episode and hence legacy being a truly awful attempt at setting an episode in London, complete with cockney SAS operative.

Why do all my friends who have good music tastes 364 days a year insist on watching the Brit Awards, a show that would give a ‘Best Live Act’ award to Take That and that thinks it’s edgy and cool and down with the kids because it’s just figured out who the Arctic Monkeys are.
Seriously now folks, I know there’s some history of Sam Fox making a fool of herself and Jarvis Cocker playing Pilate to Jackson’s Jesus but: a) when was the last time something interesting like that happened? and b) we have You Tube these days for watching such clips without the rest of the turgid award show attached on the following day. To all objective eyes the Brits ceased to be edgy around 5 years ago and are just another self congratualtory industry piss-up but somehow they’ve maintained their must-see mystique. I do not understand.

Prison Break somehow managed to have a satisfactory and somewhat conclusive season ending despite being slashed to 13 episodes due to the strike. Props to those guys. We’re also only looking at losing 3 episodes of Lost, with 13 eps this season instead of the 16 planned. Nicely the creators have decided to stick to thier plan of doing 48 episodes with this season and the rest, but instead of being 3 seasons x 16 episodes they’ll make it up with slightly longer seasons in the next two years.

There’s 3 tracks from the new Christ T-T album on his Piespace – it’s going to take some getting used to the more over-produced nature of the new stuff after the brilliant 9 Red Songs acoustic album. King of England and 4am are both ‘difficult’ tracks although I do like Lets Do Some Damage.

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