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July 16, 2008

Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog (or What Joss Whedon Did Next)

Seriously. You have to go watch this.

It’s in three parts, first part is up now, second part Thursday, last part Friday and then you have Saturday to watch them all before they’re gone (unless you buy them on iTunes).

If you’re not laughing out loud by the end you’re dead inside.

I guess some explanation is in order.

It stars Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother), Felicia Day (the ultimate in geek totty, yes kids, she doesn’t just play World of Warcraft, she wrote an internet sitcom about it) and Nathan Fillion (is there anyone reading this that hasn’t seen Firefly?).

Harris is an evil scientist. Fillion is a superhero. Day is caught up in the middle. It’s a musical. It’s a comedy. It’s awesome.
Joss Whedon wrote it. And the songs. I was going to blog this earlier but the site went down due to the sheer popularity of it.

The first part is just 15 minutes, go and watch it. Really. Go and watch it. I mean it this time. It starts a little slow but by the end you’ll think it’s amazing.

Resolution Defeated

I don’t normally make New Years resolutions, but I did this year. I decided that, it being a US election year, with all the primaries and so forth before the main event in November where they elect the de facto leader of the world, I should keep on top of things. To do this, I decided I would watch every episode of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report aired this year. It’s not as bad as it sounds, they total 40 minutes and are on only 4 times a week. I’d been doing well, fell a bit behind due to too many Amazing Race marathons, but they’ve been off-air the past two weeks so I’ve been catching up.

Until June 26th, when I came face to face with this:
Coldplay and John Stewart

Yes, tonight’s guest was Coldplay. And not just Chris Martin going on to chat about his latest good cause, that I could have handled. Or the band playing out the show: managable. But no, they were going to play two tracks off the new album. It’s only the 3rd time in it’s history they’ve had a musical guest do that, my bad luck I guess. I couldn’t stomach it, so the resolution is blown. Come the end of the year I’ll have seen every episode except the second part of June 26th’s. Damn you Chris Martin.

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