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February 15, 2008

Why I dislike Valentine's day

There’s a lot of so called ‘Hallmark Holidays’ around these days, but I reserve a special bit of hatred in my heart for Valentine’s Day as it’s clearly the most insidious of them all.

See, the problem with Valentine’s is the weight of expectation it places upon people. Most other holidays can be ignored or avoided, but if you’re in a relationship, especially if you’re a man, it’s hard to ignore Valentine’s without upsetting someone. Even if said person agrees in principle that the whole thing is a charade to allow restaurants and florists to mark everything up by 50%, when they see other people being treated by thier partners, an amount of envy and resentment can creep in. And that’s why it’s such a horrible thing. As a holiday it plays on people’s insecurities in thier relationships and purports the fallacy that if you don’t do something nice for someone on Valentine’s day you don’t really love them.

It’s hard for me, as at heart I am an old fashioned romantic, fond of the big romantic gesture, but that sort of thing is best if it’s somewhat spontaneous, and done because you love someone and want to make them happy, not because society tells you that on a particular day, you should do something.

Still, some people seem to like it so I propose a comprimise, lets just move it forward by, oh I don’t know, how about 15 days? Feb 29th. Sounds like a great day to hold it if you must.

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