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October 03, 2008

VP Debate

2:06 Palin does Soccer Moms on the first answer.

2:09 Palin says McCain is a rebel and crosses party lines and Obama votes with his party all the time. True. Except for the last 4 years. If only it were true.

2:10 Palin: Hockey Mums!

2:13 I don’t get the format for this debate

2:15 And Palin isn’t going to pay attention to or answer the questions and just ‘speak to the American people’. I don’t think she understands the word ‘debate’. They probably did it in school the same day as ‘what the vice president does’.

2:16 Biden is bloody boring though

2:21 Well he got a laugh on ‘bridge to nowhere’

2:24 Palin changes the subject again

2:25 Palin seems a little too rehearsed. It’s sort of scary.

2:27 Biden throws the oil company / Alaska stuff back at her. Nice.

2:30 FFS. Palin doesn’t want to talk about this topic either. Back on energy. If she does it once more it’ll make a nice segment on The Daily Show…

2:32 Haha, and the next topic is climate change. You were saying? Hope you have some notes left…

2:39 Palin seems really uncomfortable on gay marriage. Still at least they’re both agreed it shouldn’t be allowed. Americans.


2:42 Iraq, Palin waffles, Biden gives an actual plan.

2:48 Palin can’t pronounce ‘nuclear’ – where I have heard that before…

2:49 ‘The Castro Brothers’ – is that a band?

2:52 This ‘sitting down’ thing is weird. What’s the big deal with talking to be people. Bah.

2:54 Okay getting bored

2:55 Bed-time. Palin doesn’t look like she’s going to tank as badly as I’d hoped. “We both love Israel!” – WTF is Palin 6 years old? I give up.

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