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February 01, 2005


Follow-up to Elections, noticeboards, brain over–load from And Now For a Word

You do realise that the noticeboard in that bit of social studies opposite the main bit isn't full don't you? Run! Quick!

And another thing…

Enjoy the oppertunity to chat to your potential Saabs about what you want from your union when they're campaigning around your halls and in Cholo during the election period. Because they certaintly won't be doing it again once they're elected.

Elections, noticeboards, brain over–load

Yeah lets jump straight in with a proper post instead of this mission statement rubbish where I say what I'll write about until I stop bothering a week later. I'll indulge in that later.

Elections week – the noticeboards are absolutely plastered with elections stuff, hell, they've wheeled in extra noticeboards because apparently there's not enough space on the 15 or so already in the union. What do these posters say? The same thing! I don't mean all thier policies are the same (that's another issue – ooh Kat Stark supports Freedom of Speech, great idea, since all your opponents probably intend to turn The Boar and RaW into thier own personal propaganda outlets…) – my annoyance comes from the fact that to get noticed candidates have to plaster 3×3 grids of A4 posters across the noticeboards, all 9 absolutely identical, unless they've splashed out on 9 different colours of paper, in which case you just get a headache.
What's that? You, the regular uni student want to promote a little event you're running this week, or you know, find some housemates for your housing group? Well fuck off till Sunday when you can finally poster over them without getting told off (poster over, as they probably won't spend as much time taking them down as they did putting them up). They can poster over the little "Housemates Wanted" ad you put up the end of last week though – why? because they're 'special'.
If I could be arsed I'd go around and count the number of posters each candidate has up around the uni and vote for the one with the least – I don't give two tugs of a dead dog's cock about the environment but even I can see that it's not necessary to destroy a rainforest so we can elect a few people! Your internal monologue might now be shouting "Yes, but what can we do? If they don't poster, know one will know who they are, they'll be like every Tory leader for the past five years!" – That is a fair point. So here's my solution – and if any candidate wants to back this policy they'll get my vote, so we don't have to go through this stupid waste of time and paper again:
We make a rule. This rule applies to noticeboards the year-round, not just to elections candidates, but to everyone. We can try and get the Uni to adopt this rule for thier noticeboards aswell. "One A3 or 2 A4 posters per noticeboard for any event/advert/candidate."
In one step we eleminate the need for searching for a space on the noticeboard or covering something relevent up if we want to put something up, and we make all the information on there much easier to see and take in. I mean seriously people, this is a university, there are minimun intelligence standards for being here. I for one think we can mange to read something without needing a 3×3 matrix of the same thing to focus our attention.

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