October 05, 2008

… and so the first week draws to an end…

Ok, the so called 'Freshers Week' is finally up. I must admit that i was a bit hesitant at first to get myself involved, but i think that i'm finally beginning to come out of my shell! I've become friends with my dorm mates (most of them at least) and i'm beginning to make friends outside the dorm... I'm just finding that a bit harder considering the uni is such a big place and people are overly enthusiastic to give out their mobile numbers upon first meeting another person. But i am being successful. it turns out that having the Heroes DVD boxset comes in quite handy :P

i also met up with an old friend last night and some of his mates, which was a laugh! we reminiced about old times and chatted about our present predicament :P it was a right laugh. Hopefully i'll be seeing more of that trio in weeks to come; it was a great night... just chillin'!

But know, with the passing of the first week, the work truely begins... (literally seeing as i've homework to do today ¬_¬)

September 30, 2008

settling in…??

Ok, so i'm here now. The people in my dorm are really nice and friendly; it's such a relief!!! The cakes went down well, and i'm beginning to get to know a few really nice people.

The cooking has been... ok really.. It's been edible!!! not particularly healthy, but edible!!  But i'm a student now, so i guess that's how it goes :P I was lucky enough that all the stuff in my fridge/freezer can last for a few months, and i've got a voucher for free Pizza; i'm sorted :P

First lecture today... proper lecture i mean! It was alright really... the content was a bit intense, but i'd already learned it... it was just a case of remembering which i don't think my mind wants to do.... But then in the middle of the lecture we had some builders decide that they were going to destroy (or that's what it sounded like) the room beneath us, so we had drilling and hammering going on during the lecture... lucky us ¬_¬ We got round it though. I'm just worried about this maths test i've got this week... that's one thing a person should never have to face! a maths test during freshers ¬_¬

September 26, 2008


Oh God, I'm off tomorrow O.o

I really don't think i'm ready for this... I mean, it's just such a big thing... i mean... *mental breakdown*

*sigh* i'm probably just being melodramatic... but it's just the thought of being left to fend for myself... *shudders* and i don't trust my cooking :P I even failed to make chocolate rice-crisy cakes today... i had to do them again ¬_¬

September 20, 2008


Hey, I have a blog :D

Go me!!!!!

Now what do i do with it.....??? :S

Yea, so i'm just counting down the hours until i'm evicted from my house. I've a large pile of brick and brack growing in the corner, which i'm supposedly gonna take with me to survive... and yet there is a lack of food in the pile... great survival skills. I'm gonna go far now aren't I..... :P

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  • heh thanks :) well the cakes did seem to go down well. by on this entry
  • If cripsy cakes are the biggest concern on the food side, you've got nothing to worry about. :) by on this entry

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