May 07, 2005

Awards 2005


one word – BANDWAGON!!!!!!!!!!

awards was amazing girlies – massivo(word) thank you to Emz, Lou and Becks for organising: the food was wicked, speeches and awards were brilliant and the banter was awesome (although i apologise for the rowdy fresh down my end of the room – terribly noisy, wonder where they got that from?!!). hope everyone had a wicked time and good luck for next year!!

on other news, for all those did not attend the nation of souls (admittedly I joined the lameo dameo crew and bosched back to Leam early even though i dont live there – joker) apparently ms dexter was seen vomiting over the ramp onto the piazza, smacking her shoulder into a noticeboard and then rambling on this blog at some godforsaken time in the morning – thats a bandwagon is ever i saw one!! this was whilst ms king escorted a man back to her room AGAIN!!!, ms cheek got some fresher love and ms post stood and watched ms dexter being sick whilst bantering on the phone – legendary!!

furthermore, the day after, the troublesome trio bosched on down to spoons in leam and proceeded to order up a feast – ms dexter had a platter, meant for sharing, but ordered for one whilst the wooders both has sandwiches with a nachos each plus onion rings- yeah u do!!post then proceeded to knock a vase of flowers over, spilling water everywhere and getting pollen all down the dexter!! good times girlies!!

in a serious trough at present so must get on – lash tonight??!!

muchos love
dirtbag xxxx

p.s. polo lash 12th june – get on it

May 05, 2005


Club Awards – LASHTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


March 30, 2005

Hello World!!!

Writing about web page

Hello World!!
Hello Netball!
Hello Girlies!!

Welcome girls to the new netball blog!!!
This is the brainchild of our dear Finnigan (Nat Clark), who came up with the idea of setting up a blog so that all our netball news/gossip/photos could be posted – BANTER!!!

So get involved girls!!

Much Love,
Lorns x x x

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