October 12, 2004

Hey y'all

Hey guys…

Thanks to everyone who voted for me..much appreciated.

But as you all know, the votes were not enough for me to become a representative.

Biggup to Zahir, Dominic and Lauren who made it.

I hope you guyz (i.e. the new representatives) have already got notebooks especially for the requests which y'all are gonna be bombarded with ..soon.

September 28, 2004

Week 2!

How has it gone for you, so far?

I know its been quite intense for me but I dont wanna be the only one complaining all the time.

I am quite enjoying musculo-skeletal module even though I had not done much about anatomy before. But since its an area I am particularly interested in..I would like to confess that I am secretively relishing the ride.

All those new words that dont particularly describe anything or correlate to anypart of the body will be quite a mission to regurgitate during the Exams.

Wait..wait…wait…haven' had all the lectures yet! Few!!!!

September 21, 2004

Today...so far

I can honestly say that I knew how much hardwork studying medicine is going to invlolve but I never realised until now the real depth.
I am sure most people are probably feeling the same way, which is a great consolation…unless of course if that isnt the case.
But generally, i guess I have to start my regular visits to the library earlier than I had planned to. So see you guyz in the library!!!

September 16, 2004

*Learning Taught course material *

My current way of studying is very much via the surface approach. Once I have attended a lecture, I make it my responsibiity to read around the lecture and understand what has been taught but I do not actually think about how to further apply, analyse, or evaluate the taught material. Until Clare Blackburn mentioned it yesterday, I did not realise that this was actually an underdeveloped means of studying. I would very much like to change this 'surface approah' to a 'deep approach' because it is the most productive and effective way not only to learn but also to start thinking as a professional medical doctor.

Loretta Shoderu

September 13, 2004

Yeah…What a day!

Loretta Shoderu

Yeah…What a day! After all that excitement and anticipation, I guess it's all well worth it. I must say the talks were quite informative, sthetoscopes quite expensive, and coursemates look nice and friendly.

Gotta go now, cause REally hungry!!!


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