June 04, 2005

Surely noone else in the University warrants the name logistic bassist?

Was catching up on people's lives this morning via their blogs and discovered one involving logistic bassists which intrigued me somewhat until I realised it was mine (oops).

Yes guys, I've arrived, although with 20.5 days left of my University career I am rather late. I've resisted the temptation to vent spleens or share "moments", until now: due to my incresing excitement about a recent purchase that should arrive today, and a distinct lack of anyone interesting (excluding one of course) in my flat. Really, I'm only wasting time until I can go and fetch the aforementioned parcel or at least go and shout at the post room for not receiving it yet.

If it arrives today, it most ceratinly ends what I hoped would never end: I've felt immense pride from being a string player for 23 years (well, that's not entirely true as I didn't come out of the womb playing a double bass – quite uncomfortable I'd imagine), but at least not being a brass player for 23 years. The joy of being linked to the ever social violinists and the competent cellists (don't even get me started on the viola players) is difficult to imagine unless you have been there yourself. Anyway…. all this is about to end as I lower myself to the depths of the brass world (let's face it, any string player with any sense of decency dreams of being a member of the brass fraternity).

It remains to say thank you (I think!) to those who have initiated this metamorphosis, those who have sat in practise rooms having to listen to me "playing" and those who sat around me at brass rehearsals and not laughed!!

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