February 01, 2007

A Non–Gentle Musing

Do you ever wonder if the professors actually believe the ludicrously naïve and narrow positions they espouse? Or are they deliberately being provocative? A truly academic conundrum.

Long Time No BLog!

Just dropping an entry to further student procrastination. I was sent a terrific link by a friend back home in Canada – “Overheard at McGill”! It’s quotes that were overheard on and around the University of McGill in Montreal. Pretty hysterical and a great way to waste time!!
Here’s the link:


January 23, 2007

Arabic Tutor Wanted – Any Warwick Students Interested?

I’m looking for post-beginner Arabic lessons. If anyone has any suggestions on where to look, or are interested in working with me on basic conversation, please comment or email me.

December 07, 2006

Deep Thought of the Day

A lecturer today used the term “airy-fairy” – and it was readily accepted. So why, I ask you, when I say something is “fluffy bunny”, does everyone laugh? It is metaphorism – the prejudice between metaphors? I mean, it even rhymes like airy-fairy – sort of. Say it with a deep Southern American twang and accent and it totally rhymes.
Yup, that was the useless thought of the day – most people don’t admit their useless thoughts. I, on the other hand, have a term for them (“borrowed” from old school Saturday Night Live) – Deep Thoughts. Great concept, I swear!

December 06, 2006

More details on Reading Week Trip

Okay, so I still haven’t got a finalized list of people who are interested in planning a trip, but so far, it looks like those possibly interested are Chioma, Marilyn, Amrita, Koko (my flatmate), Sarah, Eugenie?! I’m sure I’ve possibly missed people, but unless I get emails, my psychic feelers are at a loss.
I think we are more or less narrowed down to two destinations: Paris and Madrid. Once we actually know who’s interested, we’ll take a group vote. Because I would really like to start to get the ball rolling before we break, here are some of the financial details on the trip – since I know that will decide it for some people.
In order for it to be as cheap as possible, we would have to leave on Thursday night. As it stands right now, we do not have Friday class in theories that week, so we should be fine.

Airfare will be about £25 base fare and £25 in taxes (which I forgot about!). We may be able to get it cheaper, but it likely won’t be more expensive. There are a number of HI hostels (who I have used in the past) and they are all about 20 Euros a night (about £13) – so about £65 for all five nights. Obviously you will need money for food and entertainment, but since I won’t presume that anyone eats as much as I do, you’ll have to work out your own food/fun budget!! Therefore the expected budget for Paris is about £105 for flight and accommodations.

Airfare will be about the same as Paris – £25 base fare and £25 in taxes. However, we will have to factor in transit to London. If you have a student rail card, it will be very cheap. Or, there is the option of taking the mega-bus! Unfortunately, flights from Coventry only fly to Barcelona (which I wouldn’t mind) and are much more expensive than EasyJet from London. So I would guess that we would have to factor in £15 for a train/bus to London. On the upside, hostels are slightly cheaper (by a pound or two) and it is about 12 degrees warmer in Madrid in February. So the budget for this one will be about £115 (due to transit to London) – however, that can be reduced if people are willing to take the mega-bus.


December 04, 2006

Quality Quote

No, it’s not as profound as Santos … but hey, you can understand it!

“Communism was dead, and American capitalism had a bad cough. So who and what would inherit the earth?”

Nelson DeMille – “The Gold Coast”

What the $%^&*&?!!! 11 Pounds for a Flight to Barcelona!!

Can you believe 11 pounds each way from London to Madrid??
Or 25 pounds round trip London Budapest?
45 pounds round trip to Prague is a bit pricier I guess.
Same as Marakesh – almost 80 pounds.
Paris is stupid cheap (such a great north American saying) at 14 pounds each way.

Okay, I’ve so got to get to swimming!! I even found a temperature chart, so the average winter temperature can be determined before planning the trip – leave weather-obsessiveness to the Canadian!!

Anyone in IDLHR interested in a vacation during Reading Week?

So I’m contemplating organizing a trip for the reading week. Of course, due to the sheer volume of work, I wouldn’t be talking about the whole reading week. I’m thinking like a long weekend – like Thursday Feb 8 to Monday Feb 13, 2007 as an example. The destination has yet to be determined, but it would not a be a clubby-pubby oriented trip. More so, a see the sights while we can, kind of trip. I am aiming for a budget of no more than 300 pounds and have some ideas for trips that are more like 200.
Areas of interests as it stands include:
Madrid (Spain)
Marrakesh (Morocco)
Budapest (Hungary)
Berlin (Germany)
Nice (France)
Prague (Czech Repubic)

I would like to know if there is interest out there in the next few weeks so that we can have things sorted out for our return. Of course, the earlier we book the cheaper we can make the trip. If you are interested in somewhere other than listed, please add a comment.

This blog entry has been brought to you by a Laura-Jane “anywhere but here writing essays” moment.


November 29, 2006

The Law Ball

Oh, and in the oft chance that any of my IDLHR collegues actually make it through the digital labrynth to find this blog (or have the time to waste in doing so), is anyone interested in attending the “Law Ball” in February. I love a good dress-up shindig, but am trying to figure out if anyone from our “mature” group will be there!!
And yes, there is a strong possibility that the only reason I’m interested is because their advertisements are pink!
Laura Jane

A Naive Idealist's Tangent of Thought

Are we really developed? As a citizen of “developed country”, I am quite confused by this designation. We have one of the highest rates of drug use, we have not yet provided solutions to allow our Aboriginal community to reclaim their dignity (both spiritual and otherwise) and violence against women continues. I am not a fan of self-flagellation (or in this case patrio-flagellation) and I have no doubt in the greatness of my home country. However, I am no longer convinced of the value of the term “developed” and “developing”. I was never a huge fan of the differentiation anyways, but now as I see solutions and problems mirrored in the “developing” and “developed” world, I’m wondering at the relevance of the terminology. While the naive idealist in me says we should just refrain from labeling, I accept that it is human nature to try to classify. I just think there has to be a better term. So I will do that which I hate – in a most hypocritical way, I will critique without provide a solution. Bad L.J., bad naive idealist!

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