October 09, 2012

Approaching the End of the URSS Project

Dear all,

A new term starts and it's time to finish your summer work. We're approaching the end of the URSS Project. I'd like to urge everyone to finish your blogs and write up your report and poster. Please remember that the final deadline for your 6 blogs, a report and a poster is 5pm Wednesday 17th October. If you have any problem in this final week, please do not hesitate to contact me or other staff of the Project. We'll be more than happy to help you create a best profile! Enjoy the end of your URSS journey!


September 18, 2012

Updates of Blogs

Dear all,

This month I've read many updates about your research progress. I'm very glad to find that some of you have completed a substantial part of your research and now working on the final research report. For those who have finished the 4 blogs, I'd like to encourage you to review the whole process of your URSS Project again and start designing the Poster; for those who haven't finished the blogs, please try to finish them as soon as possible. The deadline for blogs is Oct 1st, 2012. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your reflections on the Project.

Best regards for all!


August 08, 2012

reminder and research tips

Dear all, I'm glad to see that many of you have already started your URSS project. Well done! You may feel quite excited when you have your first taste of research, or you may feel rather confused. Whatever situations you may experience, I would like to provide 3 general research tips for you here. They are summarized after I read your URSS Action Plans, so many of you may find them familiar.

1) Be specific. It's very important that you know what you really want to achieve through your project. If your targets are too vague, you may easily get lost on the way. This may discourage your success of the project.

2) Measurable is crucial. Do you think your project is measurable enough? Besides the ultimate two goals, have you set any sub-goals for yourself? How would you evaluate your progresses? Try to answer these questions now.

3) Take a record. Keep a research diary so that you can always track your progresses and know where you're going next. You can also use your blog to record updates. It will benefit creating the final report.

In addition, I want to encourage those who haven't posted URSS Action Plan to do it as soon as possible. I'm really keen to read your whole idea about how to carry on your research and will offer you my comments.

I wish everyone enjoy your time with your project. Please don't hesitate to contact me or other staff in the URSS team if you have any problem. We're here to help you!

July 03, 2012

Action Plan and Start of Research

Hello again everyone, it is summer vacation now. First, let's take a deep breath together from the busy life we experienced at the end of Term 3. During last a few days, I am delighted to find that many of you have posted your URSS Action Plan on your blogs. I really enjoy reading them! For those who already finished it by this morning, I sent you each a comment, including some personal views of your Researcher Development Goals. Please feel free to disagree with it as you're the final expert of your research. However, it'll be even greater if we can discuss the ideas further:) For those of you who haven't completed the Action Plan, I would like to encourage you again to try to finish it with all available help you can get, including your supervisor, other colleagues, the URSS team and anyone else you think appropriate. As your PG Mentor, I'm always here to help. So don't hesitate to leave me a message or an email to discuss your problems:) I wish you all enjoy a nice and fruitful summer and look forward to reading more about your research progresses!

June 22, 2012

Deadline for Action Plan

It's nearly the end of Term 3. I hope most of our undergraduates have already finished your exams and assessments. Now it's time to start your research! First you need to see your supervisor and discuss with her/him your Action Plan. Then you need to blog your Action Plan and let your PG Mentor (me) review it and give you feedback. I know many of you have already done this. That's great! I would like to encourage the rest of you to speed up your preparation process and finish this by summer vacation. I will check your blogs these a few days and send you my comments. Wish all of you have a good start of your research and enjoy your time this summer!

June 01, 2012

URSS PG Mentor

Hello everyone, I'm an URSS PG Mentor this year. If you have any question in your URSS experience, please feel free to contact me or other PG Mentors. Wish you success in your studies!

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