March 30, 2007

Review of module – KBAM

Improvement to EEE module structure:

During the discussion after the AM&KM approach presentation, we have once again, mentioned the purpose of EEE course and its module structure. Seems this non-lecture style really caused many concerns and confusion to students. Apart from my thoughts that wrote down at previous two blogs, I think EEE provides a true learning opportunity.

I do appreciate the importance of lecture, but to me, learning from lecture = only learning tutor’s own experience on the field. Look at the way of having open topic seminar, mini project, teamwork and practice presentation, EEE = Self-motivated research; willingness to study the topic; sharing and learning colleagues’ knowledge. It leads to improvement of communication skill, active listening skill, better understand of how to deal with people, appreciate other’s knowledge and contribution. To me, knowledge is gained from discussion with colleagues. By sharing and exchange knowledge, we will no long just mastery our own individual-knowledge. Instead, we receives a collection of knowledge and insight from the entire EEE team.

In EEE, teamwork and projects also gives us an experience of project management, and human resource (plus other intangible asset) management. And by study other people’s view, we can gain an insight by raising question such as ‘Why I did not think that way? Why they do not understand me’ These reflective questions also improve our ability of influence people, interchange each other’s view and gain better understanding of psychology.

From my experience and actual observation, after one week of lecture, students could feel ‘Satisfied’ because they covered all the area in lecture notes, regardless to the real amount of knowledge captured, learned and reviewed. But after EEE, we could all feel ‘a bit lost and confused’, having concerns such as ‘Did we covered that area? Is that enough? Are we on the right track?’ In fact we have researched and captured knowledge that covers more then lecture note, curry out thoughtful discuss through the week and exchange knowledge between each other. Done a great job but still not feel right, something missing. One reason could be we are so get used to the traditional ‘duck feeding’ style of learning and Lead by Someone. We just not feel comfortable without instruction. Secondly, the nature of topic is large and wide, cross different aspect of management, philosophy, sociology, culture and people behaviours. There is just no boundary for us to say ‘I covered all’.

For the further improvement to the course structure, it will be really helpful to have extra presentation at first week, rather then just one big project at the end. And my personal favourite – industry talk. It could introduce more reflection and learning. If could find company to talk about real-life practice of KM&AM approach right after our team presentation, it will bring direct impact on our learning progress. Differences could be discovered and studied, we will no long just live in the academic world but to have an insight to real practise.

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