January 01, 2007

Reading Through the New Year

Method or Natural?

Found one really interesting story from the book “Learning to Lead”. The main point of the chapter is: “A core of becoming a leader is the need always to connect your voice and you touch”. It is a story about how to let infant feel the love and care from the parents. In the term of leadership, this is indeed one fundamental aspect – a higher level expression of “influence”.

After knowing the way of influence, the leader needs to understand the proper way of using it. This is why many people call it Art~ no textbook will show when it is not enough or when it is too much. I think we need to make decision by our knowledge, feeling/experience plus situational variables. Hope next year will be the time I find the answer or may be – find more question…

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  1. Its nteresting, i plan to find the book and read it. The point is that if the leadership is a art then could involve both method and nature^ -- from my point of view. As described by Wity Cucepted, people can learn leadership skills. Just like all we do now^

    03 Jan 2007, 22:50

  2. Several authors mentioned that, the leadership can not simply be taught. This leadership “awakening” need enlightenment by witness a case of a miracle, a successful leadership. We need feel it deeply in our mind, not just reading literatures.

    It is easy to understand a book, but when I put myself under that kind of situations, even with some knowledge of leadership, management and decision-making, still, it is so hard to make decision or start any business operation. It’s like facing hundreds of path in a maze and only several paths are the best choice, a few is better and most of them are consider to be wrong, many even leads to bigger problem or catastrophe.

    04 Jan 2007, 12:05

  3. That is why we need to learn how to think and lead properly—- if we can not to be a natural leader. Even we can not to be in the future at least we can think like a real leader.

    Understanding many of leadership and excellence principles and techniques in theory can not show the ability of practice principles outside of the situation. It is a critical step toward mastery. To complete the process and solidify learning, the case studies, group work and outside research based on the module would practice the principles and techniques. so far—

    Furthermore, Positive feelings and dynamical motivation are meaningful force to approach practice in real world. It is not only about attitude and emotion but also related to many ways to achieve skills and knowledge.

    to keep thinking but think simply first--—a good way to avoid simple descion transfer to comlex problem^^ because even a real CEO in a company can not to make a decision or start any business operation easily.

    This a process-- learing and life process, as we know that we can not jump over that, then enjoy that—even it invlove both two sides things.

    finally, some day not far away ,it will toward to the stage what you want. —-believe youself first….

    05 Jan 2007, 00:29

  4. Paul Roberts

    A great discussion to which I would just like to add that much leadership is not done in isolation to other people who have specialist knowledge that will help you to make decisions. Leadership is experiential and so the more that you put yourself into positions of leadership, the more you will understand what works for you. A theoretical understanding of leadership should help you to reflect and understand better why something worked for you, or perhaps did not work as well as you would have hoped.

    Remember, one very effective CEO said when asked the secret of his success, ” I employ people who are better than me.” His secret was that he gave those people the space to be effective. Perhaps some of the most effective leaders lead in a way that there people feel that they have achieved their goals entirely by themselves – a link perhaps to Emily’s thought that leadership should be selfless service.

    Keep asking the questions and have a good 2007.

    07 Jan 2007, 20:48

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