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March 26, 2007

Review on Seminars

From Monday Seminars:

Three mind maps from morning seminars are quite helpful, bring a better view to the topics and also highlight several aspects that I didn¡¯t concern at the preparation stage. For the first seminar, my preparation end at the ¡°Exchange of Information¡±, but this is not the whole knowledge management. From the seminar, it reminds me the next stage ¨C need to do something about gained knowledge, not just exchange or capture information and knowledge.

Organization need to effectively transform and manage gained knowledge to generate value. This value is not just in the form of profit / money, it also could be customer loyalty, competitive advantage, create new market etc. Without generating value, the knowledge gained from exchange is meaningless and useless. Successful knowledge management (collection, analysis, recognition and transformation to value) should be the next key issue after exchange knowledge between people inside and outside the organization. Another point is the need to have organic implementation about knowledge management, avoid any sign of quick fix. Seek true improvement from incremental ¨C step by step change and effort.

From those three seminars, it seems the Pre-requirement / Barriers / Required Leadership for effective knowledge management is almost identical to other quality improvement approach, such as EFQM / Lean / Six-Sigma / TQM etc. The reason is quite straight forward, because any kind of business activities (include improvement activities) require human input, involvement, contribution, effort. The critical success factor is the Willingness from people. By achieve this factor, it will bring result such as change in people¡¯s mindset and behaviors, performance beyond expectation. Therefore, be successful in any implementation of business activities.

Thought for Seminar

Preparation about Monday Seminar:

1. What prevent organization from developing knowledge?
2. What are pre-requests of knowledge management?
3. What sort of effective leader is require for effective knowledge management?

For the first topic: from articles and learning from previous EEE module, my first impression is ¡§C there are just so many barriers. Many issues could stop or at least not encouraging knowledge development inside an organization, and each barriers should connected to each other, have interrelationship. In order to get away from this magnifying¡§Cglass view, maybe helpful to think from top: Look at how knowledge could be developed under natural condition.

First, knowledge could be self-developed by one person with great wisdom. But in certain percentage, that person needs previous experience and other knowledge, which means assistance or influence (indirect ?¡ãhelp?¡À) from other people. Secondly, knowledge could be developed by learning and adapt from family, school, sociality, from other people. Therefore, the keyword appears is Sharing. It??s about Exchange of information, any form of information: experience, expertise, thought and knowledge etc.

Then what stops people exchange information to each other in an organization? It could be two major and deeply connected issues:
(1) Physical issue ¡§C Organization structure that not encourage it happen.
(2) People issue ¡§C Organizational culture and people??s mindset not willing to perform / contribute to it.

The physical issue should include sub¡§Cissues about company police, structure and equipment. Involve communication channel; data sharing channel; synergy / re-education establishment and environment; balanced and healthy reward system etc. I would say the people issues are huge in size and much harder to solve compare to the first one. It contains sub¡§Cissues of Leadership, organizational culture and behaviors, people??s mindset. For example, effective and successful leadership; organizational culture; employee relationship and motivation; build cooperate team based organization etc. After sort out the barriers in first topic, the answer toward second and third seminar topic will appear, easier for analysis.

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