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October 05, 2008

My Driving Class In Summer Vacation

                                               My Driving Class In Summer Vacation

After I was back home, I decide to have a driving class during vacation in order to learn more skills and get a driving license for my future life. At that time, I haven't recognized that this issue would change me a lot.

Firstly, I need to pass an academic test about driving rules. After I paid the tuition fees, I only have a week to prepare for this. It is a whole book which full of multiple-choice test and judge test. Thank goodness! There is no more answer questions in it. There is no short cut for this, I can just remember question by question. I think this kind of study really improved my learning skill which is how to remember those long academic vocabulary and phrase.

Secondly, after I passed the test I began my driving lessons immediately at the following days. By the way, I've got a fantastic mark to pass the test finally that told me I can do it if I really work hard on it. I have to get up at 6 o'clock every morning to try to not be late because the driving school is far away from my home. The summer in my hometown Changsha in China means thirty-five or even upper air temperature and the diabolic sunshine bask your skin straightly. After this course, I have got three harvests: driving skill, healthy skin and body. It is meaningful for both my study and future life, because I have been taught that nothing is easy.

Finally and unfortunately, I failed in the last text and I need to do it again next summer vacation. Be honest, it is hard for me to accept this result but I have to. At that moment, I felt disappointment, dysphoria and pessimism. However, I considered that I should not and cannot give it up at last. If I did that, I was really a loser.

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