October 05, 2008

My Driving Class In Summer Vacation

                                               My Driving Class In Summer Vacation

After I was back home, I decide to have a driving class during vacation in order to learn more skills and get a driving license for my future life. At that time, I haven't recognized that this issue would change me a lot.

Firstly, I need to pass an academic test about driving rules. After I paid the tuition fees, I only have a week to prepare for this. It is a whole book which full of multiple-choice test and judge test. Thank goodness! There is no more answer questions in it. There is no short cut for this, I can just remember question by question. I think this kind of study really improved my learning skill which is how to remember those long academic vocabulary and phrase.

Secondly, after I passed the test I began my driving lessons immediately at the following days. By the way, I've got a fantastic mark to pass the test finally that told me I can do it if I really work hard on it. I have to get up at 6 o'clock every morning to try to not be late because the driving school is far away from my home. The summer in my hometown Changsha in China means thirty-five or even upper air temperature and the diabolic sunshine bask your skin straightly. After this course, I have got three harvests: driving skill, healthy skin and body. It is meaningful for both my study and future life, because I have been taught that nothing is easy.

Finally and unfortunately, I failed in the last text and I need to do it again next summer vacation. Be honest, it is hard for me to accept this result but I have to. At that moment, I felt disappointment, dysphoria and pessimism. However, I considered that I should not and cannot give it up at last. If I did that, I was really a loser.

January 14, 2008

One Click from Danger

Writing about web page http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/page/item/b008nkp7.shtml?filter=azgroup%3Aopq&scope=iplayeratoz&start=3&version_pid=b008nkmc

Nowadays, internet became more and more widespread in our daily life. On one hand, it made our life more and more convenient; but on the other hand, it brought on the danger as well.

In this small essay, I want to talk about how to avoid teenagers suffer from the internet crime. First, teenagers need to be careful when they putting all their details in the public website because the criminal such like the paedophile would use these information. Second, the guardians need to lead their children use internet in a safe way.

In a nutshell, we can¡¯t stop the development of internet but at least try to use this tool in a safe way.

December 26, 2007

my fantastic experience

I thought it is all right for my last essay which the first 2000 words long essay I written in English. I had experienced many difficulties, new points about academic writing and totally different academic style after I had written this essay. When I did this, I felt lost, agonizing and depressed. But after I won this challenge, I thought I have learned so much from this experience.

The first, I want to talk about difficulties. It has two main aspects: one is how to pick up the useful and truthful information from hundreds of books, the other is as a non-native speaker how to write my essay in an academic way. When I writing this essay, the first problem is after I chose the main topic then where I can find the useful information I need. I try to read the textbooks, do the research in the library and search for information through internet. After I finished my first draft, the second significant work was try to change the way I wrote into the academic and native way. It¡¯s really hard for me because of the way I thinking is totally different from the way of native speaker.

Secondly, after I finished this essay I thought I had learned a lot. The most significant point is how to pick up the information you need. In one thing, different people surely have different attitude. And so much information you could found easily because of the information technical development. But after finished this essay, I think I can do the research much simple in my next essay that because of I think I have got the right method in this work.

Last but not least, if I have a chance to change something when I was writing this essay, it must be waste time in doing the research through internet. Everyone can write anything they like in websites, no one help you to identify which is good or bad.

In a nutshell, it is a fantastic experience in my life because of it teaches me a lot.

October 28, 2007


Writing about web page ball


It's the first time I join in the Halloween party~

It's the halloween ball in the Student Union~



October 18, 2007

God Bless England

England may say bye to Euro2008~

After England lost the significant match to Russia in Euro2008 preelection, we may not able to see England in Euro2008.

God bless England~



Learning English through Reading

                       Learning English through Reading

As a learner of English from China, I try to learn English well through reading. I think reading is the best way to study all the languages, it can improve your vocabulary, reading skill and writing. I'm good at listening and speaking but I made many grammar mistakes in my writing. The Pre-Sessional course in Warwick helped me a lot.

Vocabulary is a big problem in learning English for a non-native speaker like me. Remember so many new words are very boring but I have to do to so. Because more vocabulary you know means the high English grade you are. I like reading the English novels like Harry Potter and pick up the useful new words in a small notebook. After reading I will look up the dictionary and try to remember it. This is my favourite way of learning vocabulary because I can learn it through my interest.

My best skill is listening and speaking, because I'm a sunny, outgoing and optimistic person. I try my best to communicate with others and join in the different society club. Now I always try my best to improve this skill through chat with native speaker, watch television and movies. My worst skill is writing, cause of my poor grammar and little vocabulary. I thing I need do more and more reading and write more and more essay.

The Pre-sessional course in University of Warwick was the best experience helps me to learn English. Through this time I had learnt not only the English Language skills but also the way of study in a British University. It improved my English a lot even helped me a lot about my personal growth.

In a nutshell, try to learn English through reading. Although there is no short cut in learning, you can choose the best way to do this hard work like read whatever you like.


October 04, 2007

Writing Practice

I have already got to Britain more than a month and found many differences between Britain and China. Here I will say several main points which have surprised me the most:

First and the earliest I discovered, the British all walk and drive at the left side of the street. In China we all walk and drive at the right side, Britain was an only exception that I have been to. So when I came out the airport found the people and cars on the left side of the road felt startled and did not adapted very much. Until now I still make the same mistake when sometimes I was absent-minded.

Second, Britain has a much less population than China. Live in the campus of University of Warwick over a month, there were only a little people I could see in most time. At the beginning I thought it because of two reasons: one is University of Warwick not located in the big city, the other is the new term hasn¡¯t begun yet. But after the new term has begun four days ago and I went to London, I found this is true that there were much less people live in Britain than in China.

Third but the most main difference I found was the different education system. It included three main points: firstly in Chinese education the teacher as a symbol of authority, but in Britain every student could doubt teachers. Secondly, we always do the teamwork as group in Britain, but almost never do the same work in China. Lastly, I need do all significant jobs by myself with useful information given by tutors but those jobs which always have done by the tutors in China.

So study in Britain was a new beginning and new challenge in my life. I will try my best to conquer all the difficulties.

September 23, 2007


cool~cooked by myself

September 10, 2007


This is the first time I have been to a castle.castle

September 01, 2007

My dreams comes true

Today I went to the Emirates and Highbury~ It's a boy's dream then became Emirates Stadium

a man's dream~ And it's came true now~ What a great day it is !Highbury

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