November 27, 2005

shot story

Father¡¯s secret
Tears rolled from her eyes when she accidentally heard the conversation between her father and another young lady on the phone.

¡°hi,dear,how are you today ?¡±father said sweetly.
¡°en¡­are you at your home or the company?¡±
¡°ok ,I¡¯ll see you in the caf¨¦ bar as usual in 5 minutes¡¯ then.bye¡±

He hangup the phone and left the room immediately and silently.Obviously he didn¡¯t notice that his beloved daughter was just in the next room.

She suddenly felt so depressed bacause she is definitely sure that father was talking with some other woman and the relationship between them seems abnormal and intimate.
Did father fall in love with someone else ? She couldn¡¯t think properly and logically ¡°what can I do then ,telling mum ,no, never ,I don¡¯t want to make her sad ¡°After a few seconds she decided to seek for the answer by herself.Then without any delays ,she rushed out of the room and called a taxi ,following her father secretly.

After a few minutes father¡¯s car stopped at a flower shop which was the one he used to purchase roses for her mother.Is he going to buy some flowers for her now or someone else?She had completely no idea.After a while ,father came out with a big brunch of fresh roses .He went back into the car and continued diving.

At last,father¡¯s car parked at a caf¨¦ bar in the town centre,he went in with the beautiful flowers .She quickly got off the taxi and followed closely of her father into the caf¨¦ bar as well .She demanded to know who is the person father is going to see.

No surprise it ,just as what she had thought,it is a young pretty lady with curly blond hair.dark eyebrow,big and cheerful eyes and wearing a mini skirt.She looked so attractive and sexy.Father seemed very pleased meet her and gave her a big hug .
Oh my god ,what has happened ? Does father really fall in love with someone else ?No he could do that because he is her deerest ,most respectful and greatest father.She felt so disapointed and helpless that tears was sheding from her eyes and hurt her heart.She wondered to stop theie conversation and ask for everything but she just couldn¡¯t move.

After a while ,they went out together and came into a nearby new building ,the second floor ,room 2.She has no patience to wait anymore .She cannt allow father to do something that may hurt mom¡¯s heart .
Her father and the other was shocked when she suddenly pop into the room and father was even pazzled.
However ,to her surprise the new room was all decorated by the pictures drawn by mum ,all over the wall.
¡°Why you are here ,darling¡±father inquired amazedly.
¡°Who is she and what are you doing here dad?¡±there is anxiety on her face and full of angry and depress in her heart.

Father hesitated for a few seconds and he seemed understand everything.He smiled peacefully and said:
¡°Dear daughter,things are not going like you immaginated.This young lady is in charging of our house ,about all the designing and decorating details.She is your mum¡¯s friend as well and her name is Lisa.¡±

The lady ,named Lisa ,greeted and smiled to her

¡°Actually I bought this flat 6 months ago and planed to give your mum as her birthday gift this year,as her personal,special drawing office where she can feel peace and joy.In fact I was just about to show it to her this evening ,you see ,I also bought her favorite roses .I am coming here just for the final chek of the room.¡±

After heard of that ,she felt burst of relief because she knew that father is still her great and beloved father ,nothing has changed .There is no more tears on her face ,but a pround and gratified smile .

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  1. Funny funny! I like this story. It is well displayed young daughter's trembling emotion. Although the story can be predictable, I enjoyed it. Unfortunitely, there are some characters were changed to strainge marks. I recommend that it may be better to check at the preview screen before publish it.

    27 Nov 2005, 20:55

  2. Thank you for telling me the annoying strange marks,I ll pay attention to that.

    27 Nov 2005, 21:20

  3. A detailed and nice description of her feelings and a change from great disppointment and fear to relief and happiness. I enjoy the surprise at the end too!

    27 Nov 2005, 23:48

  4. I think this happens because you use Chinese typing mode with 'shift' so that u can type English in the chinese mode. first I say them, and then I change to chinese mode and i saw the words. Be careful next time! I think it's the same problem with Yan.
    It's a good try! very clean story. Well done!

    28 Nov 2005, 12:22

  5. I was relieved with the ending too. hehe.
    Interesting story Grace.
    And yea. The strange characters disrupted the flow of the story a bit. I wonder how the characters appear.

    28 Nov 2005, 12:23

  6. Though i can predict the ending to a certain degree. It still attracts me to read to the end to prove if my prediction is right. I guess that's from women's nature of loving gossips. I like your story.

    02 Dec 2005, 07:24

  7. Hi,

    more or less this is also my impression that sometimes there are misunderstandings. Hopefully there are carried out like in this case and nobody gets hurt or so. The happy end was a good choice, thank you for this story.



    13 Jan 2006, 02:57

  8. After not having written a short story for a long time, your attempt "Father's Secret" is commendable.

    The title is all right; I wondered if it were titled "Father's Surprise", how would you see it then? You see, father's surprise would then be both as a surprise gift to the character's mother and also as a surprise about the truth of the 'extra-marital relationship' that the girl thought she had discovered.

    27 Jan 2006, 23:18

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