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January 30, 2005

ISE part 1 , done

Well, we have just handed in ISE part 1. which , I and my team member had spent much time on .

I just feel really really confused, if not tired , about part 1 and UML.
Firstly , the assignment this year is quite dfferent from either last year or the ATM example. Well , as I read on a ramdom book , UML is developed to develop software for embeded systems , which means the hardware constaint has to be considered . but in our system there is no such constaint . and we were asked to put external class , physical class and application domain in out analysis , but , assuming the software is for desktop user , then should we put mouse and keyboard as external class? or ….. CRT display . it really made me confused .

Also I , well, maybe I am just stupid , but how to actually make a use case for this software , since all "uses" are just a click on button , or at most , two. I simply has no idea how to creat use case that "composed by a sequence of interaction between system and user". I would prefer a functionality diagram of some kind , since that would make life much easier for us.

But we will be marked on those…..just wish we will get a reasonable one.

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