November 03, 2005

Perfect presentation!

After two weeks preparation, I was standing on my stage today!
Our group was made up of three lovely memebers: quiet and beautiful Joanna, humorous and lovely Sophia and me. Both of them are from Greek, and we can cooperate in one group based on the same interest towards culture and cross-culture things.
Three weeks ago, we were told to do the presentation, which was considered to be a great challenge of everyone. And the first two groups really did very good job, so each of us felt we were under great pressure. By keeping on encouraging each other, we firmly believed that it was our responsibility to try our best to do a great job as well. The first discussing was held at the learninggrid, and at that time, any of us had no idea about how to do the presentation because of lacking of knowledge and realization of the given handouts. Then after a week's reading and studying, we met at the learninggrid again, the difference with the last time was that we had mastered the main idea of the materials. And we listened to each other's understanding of the material, exchanging opinions, complementing the task, and offer examples to each other.
But because of British traditonal teaching system, we still use OHT until today which is fairly complecated and inconvenient. After the agreement, we decided to use powerpoint software to do our presentation which was considered to be a great revolution in our class:)
I burdened the technological task of our group- turn to my flatmates as well as my friend who is studying computer science for help, because I had already forgotten what powerpoint was which I had learnt several years ago. After three busy nights, I finished designing of our program not only on my part but also on my colleagues' parts- they were deeply moved by my contribution:)
What happen next? Right, practicing! The first praticing was made at my apartment with the melodious music and delicious fruits. And the second one was yesterday's meeting, at Joanna's lovely apartment, where we had really pleasant talk and final discussing of our task. We offered a lot of comments on each other's job and shared the presenting experience as well as the experience since we came to Great Britain. Although we came from different countries, we can find a lot of similarities and had a lot in common, not matter how, we are yourth.
Today's presentation was not as simple as we imagined. At the beginning, the screen refused to display anything, what happend? Even kind Richard had no idea of what happened, so he invited a kind lady who was having her lunch to set the computer for us. Both of them were so kind to students, after 20 min taugh setting, finally the computer began to work. At this time, everybody was free chatting in the classroom while I was sweating, becuase if the computer did not work, what we have done was totally useless. When the hand of the clock pointed 5 to 2, the comput worked, and I even wanted to cry! Actually I had really bad mood then, because my bank card was locked because I inputed the wrong pin number. But when I told Joanna this , she comforted me, encouraged me to forget what happend and concentrate on the presentation. I was affected by her enthusiasm and try to forget the unlucky thing happend on me.
If anybody saw our presentation, he or she will fell impressive and excited. I can feel that everyone was indulged in the exciting and active classroom atmosphere.

November 02, 2005

My Birthday

Follow-up to Trip to Bath from Alicia's blog

My birthday is the Halloween Day. But my friends celebrated for me today!
I was deeply moved, because everybody spent a long time to decrate the room, caving the pumpkins, print my picture and stick it on my door etc. Suddenly I found that, life is made up of so much love and moving. Sometimes, we feel lonely and helpless, actually that is not true. Our friends are always around us and taking care of us, what we need are only a pair of eyes to find the love out.
I am the kind of person that is easily moved by others and always want to give my love and my care to others, because I firmly believe that love is a two way process.
My friends bought me a lovely birthdaycake which is a dog, and they call me lucky dog. I was extremely proud of this name and want to be a lucky dog in the coming year.
At this time, I miss my mother and I really want to thank her, who brought me to this wonderful world 23 years ago and reared me.

Trip to Bath

Follow-up to Welcome to Alicia's Blog from Alicia's blog

Today, I went to the Bath city and had a really nice day.
Bath is a city with hundreds of years history and when I got there I felt that time went back to 1800's. Especially when I saw the Roya Conscence, I was shocked by the amazing stucture that the designer had made. One is a circle, like a sun; the other one looks like a moon. They represent nature, I think, and the designer just use their imagination to indicate the adore of the nature.
Not only the square but also the Queen's park and the bridge, they are expressing a certain kind of harmony between the nature and the human beings.
For the Abbey Cathedral, I can not find a word which is more suitable than magnificant. Although it was rebuilt more than once, it is still standing there, observing people from all over the world coming and leaving.
I did not pay a visit to the famous Roman spa, but I know clearly, next time, I will.
Bath, which represents the god of sun, shinning in my deep brain.

October 22, 2005

Welcome to Alicia's Blog

  1. *When I first arrived in this unfamiliar land, UK, I felt unbelievably exited and curious. I have so many questions about the city, the land, and the country. In the following years I will try, try to find out the answers and more important, get used to life here.
  2. Without the care of family and my previous friends, life is unavoidably boring and loneliness always chew my heart. However, since I have new friends, classmates, teachers, life becomes totally different! They are rainbow after the heavy rain and bring me totally fresh breath, aren't they?
  3. Many friends offer me great help since I came here, especially my teacher and my flatmates. My teachers are always ready to help me with any question no matter it is acdemic or about daily life; and chatting with my flatmates during dinner is one of the best moment during a day, because we will be able to share our experience and insights of studying and life.
  4. Now I am quite satisfied with my life, especially my apartment. It is a warm, comfortable, tidy world for me. Whenever I am tired, hurt and bored, I will be able to find out myself in this quiet harbor.
  5. With the help from friends, I have learnt a lot such as:cooking, swimming, customs of different country and even how to study effectively. I firmly believe my life spent in Warwick will be the wealth of my whole life, which I am always proud of!*

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