May 30, 2010

Out of voluntary

Sadly and ironically, I found the best method for implementing the KM system is still about the stimulation of reward. Although I believe that people¡¯s eagerness to share knowledge should not be stimulated by any reward but only happens from people understand of how to be self-fulfil and self-actualise. However, at least in current society and custom in work place, employees still need to be stimulated largely by material incentive. Good news is I am glad to find that some employees do think that spiritual encouragement is more important for them.

I have made two mistake of designing the reward system. To begin with, I simplified the material incentive for three kinds, travel, money and promotion. However, I have noticed that the reward system needs to be multidimensional rather than complanate. Company used to think people either have the requirement of pleasure and freedom, money and promotion, if the company could reward one of it, that is it. However, a reward system in KM need to tap people¡¯s eagerness to share when there is truly some valuable exist in it especially when sharing makes them feel more valuable to company and others. I could not provide the detailed demonstration here because of the space are limited in the blog, if you are interested in this system, I could send my essay to you and it is my great pleasure to discuss with you.

The second mistake that I have made is any reward system need a backup of punishment system. However, how could we punish the employees who are not willing to share the knowledge with others? Through my research, I found even indentify these people were extremely difficult. I found a very ironic phenomenon that senior manager usually think they do not need to share the knowledge with recruits because their status are different. Therefore, the punishment for them is to pull their status down to the ground and have the train with other people who also tend to be conservative in the KM system. Although people feel they ¡®lose face¡¯ if they were pointed to join the training, I think it is not an only a punishment for them but a opportunity for them to relearn how to communicate with others.

Man's nature at birth

There is a very interesting argument mentioned by Confucius that whether Man's nature at birth is good or villainous. The second problem is caused by this argument. In the implementation stage of my KM system, I have noticed a serious problem that I wrongly assume that people is willing to share their knowledge equally and without some ¡®quid pro quo¡¯.

This problem might be the most insurmountable barriers for executing the KM system within the company. The current work environment or even the society is deceitful and untutored (or overtutored). With the rising requirement of high skill and knowledge in the career, knowledge and experience become the most crucial element for company to recruit employees. Even when we are in the primal school, we noticed that we need to keep our trick of study secretly in order to become the top student in the school. Within the high competitive environment, employees usually have a wrong sub-consciousness that Knowledge is our most valuable weapon for keeping the competitive advantage. Therefore, sharing the knowledge, past experience or even the information means sign our own warrant.

¡®If I have paid for the mistake that I have made in the past, what is the point that they do not need to pay?¡¯ funny but a true poignant for me or even for the whole society. One of my friends asked me a question that ¡®you always claim that the entire human species need to be evolved but how and in what degree?¡¯ my answer is ¡®when ourselves could distinguish lie from our awareness¡¯

In my research, I found that employees¡¯ attitude of sharing the knowledge highly depend on why they are talking with and who is going to gain the benefit through the process. Employees in my company find difficult to share the knowledge with their colleague especially who is going to compete the same career position with them. However, it is a great shame for me and them that although they are intelligent and well educated, they could not even understand the most basic rule for competition: there is no limited for resource in the market, the only limited exist in our mind. If you are regional sales manager in China, the day you get promotion to the regional sales manager in Asia should be the day next to the day you foster a new regional sales manager in China. It is crucial for everyone to understand this principle before the establishing the KM system and make it efficiently in the future.

canal of knowledge

To beginning with, although I found that the failure of old publishing model of KM system are the unpractical assumption of itself, it is still difficult to build a brokering model of KM system with the concern of the level of consciousness of its employees and the motivation from their inner need.

As I have indicated in my previous study during the KBAM module, the problem of most corporation KM system is their failed paradigm that the company only focus on ¡®collecting¡¯ the information, ¡®advertising¡¯ the potential importance of KM and then just ¡®sitting back¡¯ and ¡®expecting¡¯ the great result of adopting this system. However, the publishing model of KM system only builds up a reservoir for pure information rather that canalising a canal for information to flow in and convert to knowledge by employees¡¯ hands. A company could not adopt of even understand the KM system unless it could distinguish the knowledge from information. A modern and complex computer system could store huge amount of information for human being, but only we could transform the information to knowledge with interacting our personal experience, understanding and consciousness. However, when I have desired a KM system for my company, I noticed that I need to understand the level of employees truly desire and level of taping for new knowledge. Through talking to some of them, I noticed a serious question. Why those employees need to desire a KM system? Could I promise something to my employees which could not even exist in the current world? NO! The desire stage of a KM system become essentially difficult because I need to identify a appropriate level that could let all employees to feel it and involve into it. A successful KM system need to create a brokering that could lifts all the future of everybody within the company. If I left anyone, the model is fail. Knowledge is a consciousness from everybody; is a verb that brings the development and refresh blood to the company rather that a eternal expression of management fashion.


To be accompanied by the epilogue of KBAM PMA, I have noticed that I have made three mistakes meanwhile I tried to build a KM system for WaveRider. I have adopted my theories to my company in order to investigate why nearly all the KM system were failure case in the past time. Gilmour indicates that companies make decisions about which information for capturing depends on the successful experience in the past period. However, as my most favourable quote that:

¡®There is nobody could use the rearview mirror to navigate the road ahead¡¯      

It is my great honour to share these three neglects here based on my personal research and understanding during the PMA period. Although I did the research in some extent, I still notice that my understanding of KM is still stay at a surface level. I deeply perceive the importance of KM in the area of creating an innovative and a positive atmosphere within the organisation. Therefore, I express my best sincerely respect and honorable thanks to you if you provide some suggestions to me for fulfil my understanding of KM. 

April 18, 2010


Sharing the four steps that Konaka (1994) indicates of the process of building a knowledge system.

  • Tacit to Tacit: Individuals share knowledge with each other that cannot necessarily be communicated explicity.
  • Explicit to Explicit: Individuals synthesize seprate pieces of information into a new whole.
  • Tacit to Explicit: Individual employees covert tacit knowledge into a form that can be shared with other employees.
  • Explicit to Tacit: As explicit information is shared within the organisation, employees begin to internalize it so that it automatically affects their perceptions, feelings and thoughs.

Therefore, I would like to conclude the system of knowledge management could deliver the intellectual capacity of the firm to the individual knowledge works. However, if we look back to these four step of building a knowledge management system, One question appear that who should be the one that doing the selecting and categorising job of the knowledge. If the people have different knowledge back ground, how could they create a systematic understand of the knowledge? 

I was believe in that the leader need to be capable to manage the imformation and guild the followers thought by his or her knowledge. however, I notice that the process of pursueing the leadership is a process of sharing and perspective taking of the cognitive knowledge. However, there is no denying that company do need a systimatic management of knowledge. I would be very appreciate for the people who could help me to think this question.   


Terrace is my most favourable place in my home because there are nothing in here, but nothing means every thing.

From Maya myths we all know the stroy of Noah's Ark. I personally believe that there should be extermination before the genesis. However, human beings are not gold, therefore, we ned to have a extremelt strong heart to face the reprimands of  extermination.

I have finished all of paull's  module in MBE, I have preceive that paul is trying to introduce a new congnitive system of knowledge to us that could be stimulate our eagerness of pursue knowledge through creating a communicating community. From my perspective, this is the only way that a master can learn. however, the implementing of this system is difficult because we need to exterminate our exist method of managing knowledge. Including me, many student feel difficult to involve in this model and sometimes we would like paull to provide more lecture for us and there is no doubtly the majority of us are still not used to share our knowledge on the blogs (more entries, less feedbacks). However, I do feel the success and significance of creating this community. I was the one with decent and mighty personality. However, after stay in this course in seven monthes, I surprisely notice I have tend to be a good listener compared with the  one taht wilful disregard of others opinions in the past. I also surprisely found that sometimes the great idea always comes from the people with low-pitched character. I have been enlightened by MBE that it is commit a crime if a leader wants to pursue a democratic leadship without building a good communicating community which could reduce the level of the influence by personality to a minimum level. Sharing and understanding people's idea before make comment will help one to create a great working relationship.

Therefore, instead of squelching people's natural desire to control the knowledge, companies need to exploit in order to build a good knowledge management system. I highly suggest the companies need to stoping extract knowledge form employees but create a terrace for sharing by endowing knowledge easy for others to find. The blogs and FOURM are great terrace for achieve a good knowledge management system. We could find the group of people who share the same interesting with us easily on FOURM and blogs.

I would like to express my great appreciate to paul because he have showed so many possibility and capability of duilding a good community. Although people might not fully understand his behaviour and even sometime complain to him (include me), please implement this system without vacillating due to this  reprimands. One day when people wake up, they will acclaim to your genesis.

There are my recompense to MBE:

  • Neonatus still need the god to provide the Noah's Ark to them. the Noah's Ark could be the consciousness of self-esteem that could be intensified though voting for the best entries at the review section of the module.
  • Encourage one or two feed back on the entries with the name of the student. the comments from yourself could be the best reward that neonatus truely desire.
  • Instead of puting 10% marks of writting as many bolgs as we could, how about giving the marks based on the good relative comments on the blog. ( this will enhance the interaction among students, even they might make comment in order to expect other people to make comments on their bolgs. At least the information showed on the blogs will not become the data that nobody even the author himself/herself could like to reflect on).

I will never forget these memorable experience in MBE, Paull thank you very much!  


Stars, whatever how fairytale they are, is the thing that belongs to only pure spirite . just like the KM system, whatever how accurate and impeccable it is, is not the thing that belong to the majority of eenterprise.

Every year, companies spend huge amount of  money on softwarw and other technologies that claim to foster information sharing among employees. where is the payoff? There are three that cause the failure of the most organisations could be conclude into following three reasons.

To begin with, they have adopt a failed knowledge management model that is publishing model. what they are used to do is collecting information from employees, organise it, advertise it and just sit back to see what is expected to see. however, digital date bases are unable to endow people with knowledge. If people donot want to learn, nobody could  help them.

Secondly, many companies make decision about which information to capture based on what's been useful in the past. Although there is no doubt that the experiences gained from past are the most valuable wealth for the company and even individual within the company, people need to be aware that if employees only wants to simply match these past memory to the current situation, it would only help one to missunderstand the situation and even create barriers to limited people's competence of innovation and thinking. There is no reason to using the rearview mirror to navigate the road ahead.

Finally, Companies made a serious mistake that assuming people are willing to share their most valuable knowledge equally and without some quid pro quo. However, people usually highly concern about who is going to receive their knowledge before sharing the knowledge. especially within in the company that lack of communication and cooperate, people do not want to share the knowledge with others in order to keep their competitive advantage as individual.     

January 24, 2010


Sharing some understanding of Taoism 

The original thinking of Taoism provides the inspiration of culture attribute for me. The west scientific thinking based on a split between mind and body. The mind have been seen as the seat of the soul and therefore a religious matter, on the contrary, scientific investigation involved the mundane accumulation of facts, of which our bodies were examples. However, the dominant way of thinking is 'the way of complementarity', which do not emphasis on accumulating facts but for elevating human nature. The complementarity paradigm is originated from Taoism, which is invented and developed by a great Chinese thinker named Lao Tzu in the sixth century BC. The essence of Taoism could be expressed in its symbol ¡s Tai Chi diagram.

The subtlety of Tai Chi shows that every polarity and extreme contains the seed of its opposite which expresses that the opposites are complementary. Tao Means the way of the universe, Tai Chi emblematize our world in which everything changes to change everything else in an eternal circularity.


I am willing to be the water, translucent but glittering; tranquil as rivulet  but berserk as tsunami. 

I have adopt a subordinate role in the practice of leadership. I cannot be a good leader because I am still seeking thebalance between taken and given.This week provide a perfect chance for us to practice leadership and followership. Especially for followership, we are able to behave base on our personal aspiration without heavy presure which is created by authority.

I have adopt different followership style in practice. My learning points are as follows:

(Passive follower) as leader, we have to distinguish their ability and really care of donot eliminate their posibility of contribution and participation in the task. It is wrong for leader to ignore the team number in two reason. Firstly, there is a great danger for those subordinates to bacome living dead because they will adopt their 'slient role' and stop thinking if they donot have chance to participate in the teamwork. Secondly, the level of moral will reduced if other people define these passive follower as idleness and enjoy the fruit of other's work. I think bad leadership is the prime culprit that create living dead. two idea to share:

remind yourself that I could be the prime culprit that create living dead.

Borrowing your wisdom to passive followers in order to stimulate their desire of self-esteem.      

(heroic follower) as a leader, we need to grip them but still keep them in high level of emotion and good adjustment ability. Sorry, Nan. I have make you in a difficult situation by adopting heroic followership twice. your are great in the first time. your calm and self-confident really impressed me. however:) there is my advice to you for the second one, inwich I helped Neo's team in the treasure discovery exercise.

leadership is an art:) laughage is the best pastel of presenting the art. unless you are going to snubbed me altogether (which most of current leaders are used to  do), you could tell me a joke with the critical point that 'kun, Can all of our team share the bribery that Neo Offered?' instead of telling me seriously that 'kun it is wrong for you to ...........'. In practice, leader need to work with capable people who they donot like. One idea to share:

Let your will dominate the tongue rather than loss in the trick of language.           


Every leader in this week except one are eagles, do not let language broken their wings.   

Please concern this factor, otherwise, more eagles will not able to fly higher in the future.

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