October 13, 2006

My first Spanish class

Today I attended my first spanish class. I think it’s a challenge for because I am the absolute beginner. I don’ t know any spanish words.I just want to have a try and have a chance to communicate with others. In my view, spanish is a romantic world I guess, so last week I standed in a long queue for 3 hours to enrol this course.
I was excited the whole day and I arrived at classroom quite early. There is only myself and I kept looking around outside the door. Later, a British girl came. I talked to her. She told me that her father had lived in Spain for several years,so she wanted to learn some spanish. She also told me that she had been to Hongkong. She liked that place,so I encouraged her to learn Chinese next term.
Nearly half past six, a plump woman with a large suitcase came into the classroom. Then, she said” Hola!”which is the word that spanish say hello to each other. She is our tutor.She is spanish and teaches spanish here.Then I found our class contained different age groups. There were some aging people. I was encouraged when I saw them. I must to work hard.
We have 2 hours everyweek. The tutor just gave us some words and expressions in order to give us a general idea about spanish. What is the pronunciation or what is word sounds like,etc.I noticed that the sound of spanish words is quite heavy.And the order of words is different frome English. I felt I was back to the primary school when I learned English for the first time.Now I am going to accept a new language.Maybe I can use some of approaches that I have used to learn English. Some of them were really useful.:) I created by myself.
Today, I learned many interesting words in spanish. I must practise more times in order to remember them.
Today is a new start!!!

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  1. Tilly Harrison

    Well done for taking on this challenge! Muy bien! There are probably quite a few Spanish speakers on campus so you may find someone to help you practise. Knowing English will help a little bit but the roots of Spanish are very different from English. As a language it is closer to French, Italian and Portuguese.

    17 Oct 2006, 16:39

  2. I love Spanish~ I will try my best to learn it!!! I promise:)

    17 Oct 2006, 16:43

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