October 13, 2006

My first impressions of Britain

My first impressions of Britain are divided into several parts. The thing which is shocked me most is the rhythm of people¡¯s live is quite slow. Then the environment here is quiet and clean. At last is the free newspaper everywhere.
I came 2 months ago. At that time there few people in the campus. It was Sunday night. My friend and I went to Tesco on Sunday afternoon. When we went to there, we were told that it would close at 4pm. I was surprised about that!! In China, all the supermarkets open even longer in weekends, because it is good for them to earn money. People only have time to go to supermarkets during weekends. Later on I talked to a friend of my, she told me this was the custom here. People used to be relaxed on Sunday. We went to city centre and all shops closed at 5pm on Friday evening. How ridiculous it was!!! Moreover, the speed of people walking is slower than Beijing. Everyone seems to enjoy their lives. My friends and I always discussed about it. We agreed that the economics here are quite stable and steady. The welfare system integrated, so people can enjoy lives.
The environment here is great. We lived in Westwood which is best accommodation I have ever lived. Everywhere is green and quiet. The first night I felt very scared, there is so silent outside. I really enjoy walking to classroom everyday. It¡¯s a kind of exercises. I found many small animals appeared in Westwood, such as squirrels, hedgehogs, and rabbits. All these prove the good surroundings. Beijing is a polluted city and crowded. Here is few people. Thus, I think it¡¯s good for people to keep health.
Finally, I found a lot of free newspaper everywhere. On the bus to Coventry I found that there was more than one kind of free newspaper. Then I noticed that there are free newspapers in the railway station. From that I also enjoyed reading newspapers during my way to somewhere.
In conclusion, everything for me is new. The most impressions are the three above. I believed that there are still many things waiting for me to observe.

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  1. I read at least twice. Becides the clear structure, I think you bring us so many new or attractive points. Thanks for your good “First Impressions”!

    15 Oct 2006, 14:22

  2. Thank you for you comments I will try my best to write it.and Work hard:)

    15 Oct 2006, 18:02

  3. Tilly Harrison

    I’m sorry that you were not warned about the shops closing on Sunday – it’s very annoying! The British value their free time very much, more than making money!!
    It’s true that the area around here is lovely – the university was built on an empty bit of countryside so it still has many of the birds and animals.

    17 Oct 2006, 16:35

  4. I love the evironment here~but I think the best place in the world is my home!!

    17 Oct 2006, 16:44

  5. judith

    Dear Chang,
    What a long blog!! The first impressions are always the strongest and most memorable. They never leave you. If you think it’s quiet here, you should go to Scotland. It’s even quieter!!


    25 Oct 2006, 14:14

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