November 30, 2006

Amazing day

At the end of this term, many assignments, essays and exams came to me. I felt very tired, but yesterday is an amazing day. I want Birmingham to visit a German open market and saw a musical play ¡°Alice in Wonderland¡±.

We left at 3pm, and got to the German open market. This was my first to visit an open market in Britain. Before I went to there, I was doubt whether the market is form Germany or not. After I saw a large car which has German on it, I believed that the market is an traditional German market. There were many German things which were sold in the market. Some traditional German food and drink is also appeared in the market.

When the day was getting late, the lights were turned on. It looked like a wonderland in the dream. The screen was the same in the movies. Everybody looks happy and filled with love. They expected the Christmas. It is a festival which people get together with their family. At that time, I really missed home. I also wanted the same feelings with others.

In the market I bought a lovely bear. It looked like a ball, because the bear is a little bit ¡®fat¡¯. Then, I got a beautiful Christmas tree which is made of wood. I can decorate by myself. When I was in the market, I had the strong feeling that Christmas was coming soon. Thus, I wanted to keep this feeling in my own room. I also saw many colorful candles, stocks etc. It is the best shopping experience of my life.

At 7:30pm, we saw a musical play ¡®Alice in Wonderland¡¯ in Birmingham Theater. I have read the story in Chinese, so I am quite familiar with the story. However, it was still difficult to understand the dialogue in the play. Some of the actors had the accent. One of my tutors told me that the original book is famous for it¡¯s the language. It makes people to laugh from the use of language.

Although the words are hard to understand, I really enjoyed the music and the songs in the play. They were really nice. They used songs to express their feelings and the whole story. Moreover, the settings of this play were great. The whole stage gave me a strong visual sense. But I think it will be better if they the settings more colorful.

I really appreciated the heroine in this play, because she was acting two hours. She sang songs, danced and acted. How difficult for her to remember all the words and steps of the whole play. I couldn¡¯t see her face clearly because I sat too far away from the stage. But I like her very much!!!

This Wednesday is wonderful. I will enjoy more activities like this one.

November 23, 2006

My Yoga class

This Tuesday afternoon my friend and I attended the Yoga course. It is my first atten Yoga in UK. It was a challage for me listening a foreign language to do this exercise.

When I entered the acitivity room in sports center. I was shocked that our tutor is a man. It is unusual in China. When I was in Bejing, all the coaches of Yoga in gym are women. From that moment, I thougt this class must be interesting.

There were only 6 people in the room. I thought it was good for us, because the tutor can help us for our movements. I had some exprience of Yoga in Beijing. Thus, I was quite familiar with the movements. But there were many difference between here and my hometown. For example, the movements here was faster than I used to did. Also, some of the movements changed a bit. All in all, I really enjoyed that class. I think I did enough exercise that day. I liked the cute coach. He is really nice.

Yoga is a good exercise for women. It makes people more peaceful, and people to think and relax themselves. However, Yoga is a good way to loose weight. Afer an hour exercise, people can feel that they are sweating a lot. For women, it is a good to keep our carriage concinnity. Yoga can help us correct our gusture in daily life.

So I love Yoga, I will try my best to keep it!!!!

November 10, 2006

My ideal room

I like the room which is not very big. I like to paint the light yellow, because the color makes the room bright. I like the big window follow the ground. There must have the beautiful sunshine. I can sit near the window reading or enjoying the sunshine. My room should have the carpet. In the winter I can put my woolen stocks on and walk on the carpet. There is a table in my room which I can do my work there. The bed is a double one, because I prefer the big bed to sleep. I like the bookshelf in the corner of my room; it has a lot of books in.

I like this room because it??s warm and comfortable. I prefer the bright color in the room. I like the big window. From the window, I can enjoy sunshine and watch the stars in the evening. I love reading, so the bookshelf has many books for me to read. I think this room can be the best place to relax and study.

October 27, 2006

My hopes for my future career

I have a lot of dreams for the future. For the career, I really want to be an English teacher in my home country. Being a teacher is a dream for me from childhood. I am trying to improve myself everyday. I hope the dream can become true.
First, I want to explain why I want to become a English teacher in China. In our country, English education is just a beginning in our society. People have the passion to learn it. Then, because of the globalization, our country needs huge quantity of people who can control English well. If I were an English teacher, I would help people to learn English well. This must be very excited.
Being a teacher is very a difficult job I think. It may required many qualifications. I have the passion to be a teacher. I think this is a very important. I like to communicate with different people and introduce my own country. I also have a little experience of being a teacher. I have taught some foreigners to learn Chinese. I think I did it quite well. My students came from Korea, America and Japan. I have the patient to teach them, correcting their pronunciation, writing and speaking mistakes.
On the other hand, I have many weaknesses in English. Being a teacher is a far way for me. I must improve my English in order to teach students. I must be accuracy of speaking, listening and writing; I must have a well- knit foundation of English language. I think I course here give me the best chance to do it. Moreover, teacher should have some knowledge about psychology which I have never touched before. This is the key course of being a good teacher.
To do a good job for today is the most important now. Future career is just a goal for me to work hard. Getting a high score in my two-year-study is my first dream, and also is my first step to being a teacher.

October 22, 2006

My learning goals

My learning goals
My major is called English Language, Translation, and Culture Studies. I like this course because it is related to the different culture. This degree is a kind of challenging in my life. During the four-year-study, I can experience two different learning and teaching styles. And I also can become an international person who understands the world.
Since the day I entered the university, I have already learnt many approaches to study well. I am good at reading and speaking. Although there are many grammatical mistakes when I was speaking, I overcame the fear of communication with others. I also try my best to practice listening, so I can understand the lecture quite well.
On the other hand, I still have weakness. Sometimes I am worried about critical thinking which is concerned the key of learning here. I am used to believe tutors and books. I don??t know how to think deeply and the direction to think. Furthermore, I don??t know how ask question. I think it is related to the critical thinking. If I don??t think deeply, how could I have question to ask.
I have the motivation to study, but sometimes I feel low. I can??t arrange my time well. Sometimes, I make a plan, but it??s difficult to follow. I think I have the passion to work hard, but I can??t keep working sometimes. As a mature student, I will try my best to control myself to study hard.
Learning culture is quite interesting, so I try to involve myself in this society. I joined the Warwick Volunteer. And I attend the Spanish Course, which I think this a good way to communicate with local people and people from all around the world. All these things can help my work effectively. Not only to practice English, but also to learn the culture in this new environment.
Two years flies very soon, so I have to cherish the time studying aboard. My goal is simple: having a good result after two years. I must word harder and harder.

October 16, 2006

result of the words exam

Academic Words from Week 1: 100%

General Words from Week 1: 100%

Week 1 VocabularyCrossword: 80%

At last I find the way to do the crossword. It is an interesting exercises to remember all the new words. I really enjoy it:)

October 13, 2006

My first impressions of Britain

My first impressions of Britain are divided into several parts. The thing which is shocked me most is the rhythm of people¡¯s live is quite slow. Then the environment here is quiet and clean. At last is the free newspaper everywhere.
I came 2 months ago. At that time there few people in the campus. It was Sunday night. My friend and I went to Tesco on Sunday afternoon. When we went to there, we were told that it would close at 4pm. I was surprised about that!! In China, all the supermarkets open even longer in weekends, because it is good for them to earn money. People only have time to go to supermarkets during weekends. Later on I talked to a friend of my, she told me this was the custom here. People used to be relaxed on Sunday. We went to city centre and all shops closed at 5pm on Friday evening. How ridiculous it was!!! Moreover, the speed of people walking is slower than Beijing. Everyone seems to enjoy their lives. My friends and I always discussed about it. We agreed that the economics here are quite stable and steady. The welfare system integrated, so people can enjoy lives.
The environment here is great. We lived in Westwood which is best accommodation I have ever lived. Everywhere is green and quiet. The first night I felt very scared, there is so silent outside. I really enjoy walking to classroom everyday. It¡¯s a kind of exercises. I found many small animals appeared in Westwood, such as squirrels, hedgehogs, and rabbits. All these prove the good surroundings. Beijing is a polluted city and crowded. Here is few people. Thus, I think it¡¯s good for people to keep health.
Finally, I found a lot of free newspaper everywhere. On the bus to Coventry I found that there was more than one kind of free newspaper. Then I noticed that there are free newspapers in the railway station. From that I also enjoyed reading newspapers during my way to somewhere.
In conclusion, everything for me is new. The most impressions are the three above. I believed that there are still many things waiting for me to observe.

My first Spanish class

Today I attended my first spanish class. I think it’s a challenge for because I am the absolute beginner. I don’ t know any spanish words.I just want to have a try and have a chance to communicate with others. In my view, spanish is a romantic world I guess, so last week I standed in a long queue for 3 hours to enrol this course.
I was excited the whole day and I arrived at classroom quite early. There is only myself and I kept looking around outside the door. Later, a British girl came. I talked to her. She told me that her father had lived in Spain for several years,so she wanted to learn some spanish. She also told me that she had been to Hongkong. She liked that place,so I encouraged her to learn Chinese next term.
Nearly half past six, a plump woman with a large suitcase came into the classroom. Then, she said” Hola!”which is the word that spanish say hello to each other. She is our tutor.She is spanish and teaches spanish here.Then I found our class contained different age groups. There were some aging people. I was encouraged when I saw them. I must to work hard.
We have 2 hours everyweek. The tutor just gave us some words and expressions in order to give us a general idea about spanish. What is the pronunciation or what is word sounds like,etc.I noticed that the sound of spanish words is quite heavy.And the order of words is different frome English. I felt I was back to the primary school when I learned English for the first time.Now I am going to accept a new language.Maybe I can use some of approaches that I have used to learn English. Some of them were really useful.:) I created by myself.
Today, I learned many interesting words in spanish. I must practise more times in order to remember them.
Today is a new start!!!

October 06, 2006

Today is Mid–autumn Day in China

Today is traditional Mid-autumn Day in China. It is a festival for all the family members getting together. They have dinner togteher,eating the mooncake after supper.I really miss home today,so I called my parents this afternoon.I think this is the homesick!!!:) Tonight I cooked myself a big supper which was the triditional meal in China. It was wonderful. _

October 02, 2006

The first day of the new term

Today is the first day of our new term in Warwick.Everthing here is new to me. I feel excited, but still a little bit nervous.

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