September 16, 2004

Learning styles

From listening to the lectures given, it seems my learning style is a little back to front! I know I need a 'deep' understanding of the material to reproduce it in exams and to commit it to longer term memory, but I think it is this learning that I do strategically ie as revision for exams. Through the module learning I think I take a 'surface' approach, recalling only what I need to know for tutorial work. I can see exam time would be less frantic if I worked for a deep understanding more consistently!

September 13, 2004

My first day at my new school.

I found registration this morning pretty straight forward, and the staff behind the various desks welcoming and friendly. I didn't realise though, that the mornings session would make up our own mini freshers fayre, and how important it was to have enough time to both register and browse the stalls during the morning.
"What being a doctor means to me" was fascinating to see the perspectives of doctors at opposites ends of the spectrum. The consultant in palliative medicine and the final year student were both fantastic and fascinating to listen to!
Really appreciated the free lunch, thanks!

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